Dress Code For Wedding Guests – Can I Wear A Black Dress?

The wedding season experiences its high noon in the summer months and thus also the celebrations to which the newlyweds invite. But what do you attract as a guest in the registry office, in the church or in general for this festive gathering – and what would you prefer not to? We asked a expert and revealed the dress codes for the wedding guests.

How colorful can my dress be at a wedding?

With a colored outfit, female guests don’t go wrong at weddings. The clothes should not be too gaudy and striking: “An outfit in the Lady Gaga style that outshines the bride would not be so appropriate for a wedding,” says Agnes Anna Jarosch from the German Knigge Council.

Can I wear a black dress as a wedding guest?

Wearing black as a woman at a wedding? This is possible if you combine colored accessories, the expert says. Black is simply a fashion color that has its reason to exist even at weddings. Colorful accents in the outfits ensure that “the overall impression is not too dreary,” says Jarosch. For example, scarves or handbags that are combined to match the dress are suitable.

Can I wear a white dress as a wedding guest?

The rule still applies: you can’t outdo the bride. Because she is the focus of her wedding. Therefore, white clothes are still taboo for the occasion. There is nothing wrong with short cocktail dresses or outfits with deep cleavages, explains Jarosch.

Dress code for wedding guests at the registry office

Pastel or candy colors are wonderful for spring, but plain-colored dresses in poppy red or navy blue are also worth considering. Discreetly patterned flower dresses are also welcome; they look fresh and breathe a little romance into the often strict registry office atmosphere.

Dress code for wedding guests in the church

Models that are too conspicuous, too colorful or too tempting are inadequate for the wedding ceremony in the church. You should therefore prefer subtle elegance to your dress. In the church, bare shoulders should also be covered with a stole, for example. Or you choose an outfit for the church ceremony and then change your clothes, Knigge connoisseur Jarosch advises.

Dress code for wedding guests at the garden party

It can be casual and a little shorter or calf-length here. Even outfits with a hippie-inspired paisley pattern or (not too scarce) silk shorts are welcome at an open-air party. With an elegant cocktail dress you are sure to be well advised. As an alternative to pumps and high heels, you should wear ballerinas or flat sandals at such a casual wedding .

Dress code for the man at a wedding

Male wedding guests do not necessarily have an easier time choosing an outfit. You can also afford a fashionable faux pas despite the suit. It is therefore always important to take a close look at the invitation, because a certain dress code is often required for the guests.
Smart casual or casual chic

This dress code is casual, but a sloppy t-shirt and worn out sneakers are still taboo. The suit can be a little sportier, the colors can also be light or pastel shades. Even a pair of jeans can be combined with a jacket. But then make sure that the jeans color is dark and there are no holes or tears. Sneakers also go if they are elegant. A tie or bow tie is not necessary with the casually elegant “Smart Casual” look.


Still casual, but a bit more elegant is this dress code. A dark suit is needed here. Neckties and elegant shoes are welcome.

Black tie

Do you receive a wedding invitation with a “Black Tie” address code? Then smoking is mandatory! A traditional black outfit is important for a tuxedo. Another feature is that the transition from shirt to pants must not be visible, so a cummerbund should be worn. Patent shoes are desirable for the shoes. And as the name “Black Tie” suggests, a black bow tie must always be worn.

White tie

In fashion the synonym for tailcoat. “White tie” is often required for large balls. The dress code always includes a tailcoat with a swallowtail, a shirt in white, a white vest, black trousers with narrow silk stripes, patent leather shoes – and of course a bow tie in white. White gloves do not have to be worn.

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