Dresses With A Stripe Pattern Are A Trend With Spring Flair

Patterns are a simple way to add variety to your own styling. In the long term, it is particularly worthwhile to rely on the classic pattern trends for new additions to your own wardrobe. Above all, it is worth doing fashion with stripes that never really disappear as a print, but as a trend on a dress now create spring feelings – whether in the home office, on a quarantine walk or soon when we can fully enjoy spring 2020 .

Dresses With Stripes Are A Trend In Spring 2020

Is it a coincidence that all of the models for stripe dresses shown here have vertical stripes? Perhaps. But it is also possible that the designers of the respective stripe creations have anchored deep inside, that longitudinal stripes are slim, but transverse stripes make them thick. So one could then opt for a larger sales potential – or simply because stripes in their vertical version are particularly good at spring fashion, opt for this version. Whatever the blue and white stripes point in this direction is the same – beautiful and airy-light for the new season is the midi dress with puffed sleeves and wrap details by the American fashion designer Tory Burch.

The French fashion house Longchamp also uses voluminous sleeves that adorn an off-shoulder dress in mini instead of midi length. The smocked sections, combined with a flared skirt and a fine belt around the waist, turn a simple classic like a striped dress into a feminine trend piece that you can already wear while strolling through your living room and then very soon outdoors executes.

On the other hand, if you just want to be dressed quickly, but chic in the self-isolation and the associated home office, choose a striped dress like that by Salvatore Ferragamo for spring / summer 2020. It is tailored like a long caftan and so generous shaped so that it offers enough comfort even after a whole pizza on the couch during the series marathon. Combined with flat sandals , mules or pumps with midi heels, the Corona clothing trend is just as suitable for the outfit in the real office.

If you had left out the wide waist belt on Alexander McQueen’s runway , this dress with a stripe pattern would be just as comfortable as the example above. But it is also comfortably cut with the accessory and ensures a harmonious silhouette that the delicate mandarin collar continues to the neck area. Because its cotton fabric is also extremely thin, you won’t break a sweat in clothing creation even in midsummer. The British label Ssone, which produces its clothes from organic, recycled and natural materials, also relies on a wide dress silhouette for spring and summer 2020, paired with a fine stripe pattern.

A dark background can now also make you feel spring in stripes. This is shown by the interpretations of the clothing trend by Gabriela Hearst and Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton. One dress (Gabriela Hearst) comes in a figure-hugging shape, with a waist belt with an agate stone on the buckle and in a stripe pattern that widens towards the hem of the skirt. As a result, the trend dress creates an optical illusion and its wearer an advantageous silhouette. The other dress (Louis Vuitton) meanwhile brings retro flair, paired with a well-measured pinch of sex appeal: the stripes are used here on a wrap dress with an extravagant high leg slit. Because this fabric is also draped thin and airy on the dress,

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