Sandal Trends For Summer That Can Already Be Entered

The most obvious signs that spring is finally coming are sandals. Because to be able to treat yourself to the luxury of not having to wear socks and stockings altogether and sticking your bare feet in your shoes is only possible when the temperatures exceed 20 degrees – unless you are particularly hard-boiled and wear your summer Shoes before too. But what do you do if you have the trend sandals for the new season in anticipation, but you can not take them apart from going to the supermarket or taking a short quarantine walk? You simply put it on at home and then you can look forward to particularly comfortable footwear in summer .

1. Lace-up Sandals

With some trend sandals, it really makes sense to enter your shoes extensively in your own four walls. This is particularly true of lace-up sandals. Because honestly: it is not really easy to wrap the delicate, but sometimes endlessly long strings of sandals as gallantly as possible around your own shackles. As a result, the failed experiment of the trend shoes usually looks more like an inhibited blood circulation on the legs or a failed shipping node, but not really chic. That is why you can make the most of the time you have gained at home and practice your winding techniques extensively, which you should have perfected by the beginning of summer at the latest.

The suitable exercise utensils, more precisely exercise shoes, deliver labels such as Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant or Sportmax for spring and summer 2020. The only thing their models have in common is the lacing on the ankle, apart from that, the trend for lace-up sandals now comes in a variety of heels, shapes and details – sometimes with platform sole or completely flat as Dad sandals , with a comfortable block heel or stiletto and no-frills or with playful elements decorated like an integrated anklet.

2. Mules In Pastel Colors

Mules like the models that Daniel Lee designed for Bottega Veneta last summer were so popular that the shoe trend has not disappeared this year either. The new open sandals in delicate pastel colors are particularly beautiful and harmonize with even more pastel colors in an outfit, as well as bright colors or black and white. How much of your feet (and toes, have you already done your first home pedicure?) In your shoes is up to you. The Italian fashion houses Bottega Veneta and Tod’s are going for an open toe section under braided and smooth leather , while Clare Waight Keller keeps her Givenchy model closed at the front and provides a sculptural heel.

3. Flip-flops

And if you love your feet so much that you would like to look at them all day, you can find sandals here with a sandal trend. These shoes can also be used to prepare your feet, more precisely the space between your big toe and their neighbors, with this sample in the apartment for this scenario and then hopefully get by in the summer without any unpleasant blisters. The new thong sandals come in a variety of shapes for summer 2020, like the feet that walk in them.

At Marni, the sandal is used, for example, as a flip-flop with a wooden heel that looks as if it had been put together from two different shoe soles to create an artistic specimen. At Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada provides her thong sandals with opulent ornamental stones and gold details that are reminiscent of the jewelry art of ancient Rome. And for Lanvin, the sandal trend is growing to a dizzying height, which, thanks to the plateau heel, is once again suitable for everyday use and whose look is in the direction of traditional slippers from Japan, which provide Far Eastern flair in a summer outfit.


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