Fashion Trends For The Winter – Quite Casually Take On The Turn Of The Year

Winter changes not only the weather, but also the fashion. There are just as many options in the cold season as in the summer to provide eye-catchers by choosing exciting clothing and to stand out from the gray monotony of the mainstream. Especially the coming winter promises to be colorful, if you look around the catwalks at the moment. And there is also variety when it comes to patterns and cuts. The following fashion trends give an outlook of what will be trend in the coming months.

terms of fashion – there is something for every taste. Checked into the cold season. If you believe the leading designers, it will be checked this winter. In this case, it emphasizes the fashion magazine ELLE , however, a change from small to large squares and place of gingham to Glencheck instead. But what is that actually, Glencheck ?

+ The pattern Glencheck comes from the Scottish Highlands and was reserved for the nobility for a long time.

+ It exists in different colors and is based on a specific weave.

+ If a second, contrast-colored pattern runs over an underlying one, one speaks ofPrince of Wales check .

+ Glencheck is mainly used in men’s fashion, for example in suits or shirts. This fall and winter, however, the fine checks will also be used extensively in women’s fashion, for example in blazers or skirts for the office.

However, those who want to check in winter do not have to resort to the Glencheck. Because other check patterns are also on the rise, whether in office outfits or combined with jeans for a casual leisure look. If Glencheck is too big for you, you can use Vichy as an alternative and then it is just a small trend. And the good old tartan is back again.

Velvety soft

Velvet was also reserved for nobles and princes in earlier centuries. Fortunately, today everyone has the right to dress in royal fabrics. If the current forecasts of the fashion experts arrive, women in particular will generously take advantage of this right this winter. Because velvet is in this season, for example in the form of:

+ wide and flowing dresses

+ soft velvet pants

+ stylish blazers

Women who like to dress in velvet have the opportunity to grab an XL coat and thus present themselves velvety elegant from head to toe. Together with pearl appliqués and other striking accessories, the trendy baroque look can be conjured up in this way . All others can choose reserved combinations. The advantage: Velvet not only looks regal, it also feels nice and cozy on the skin, a real feel-good material.

Splendid colors for the winter wardrobe

When it comes to the glamor and the color institute Pantone , which is T rend color this winter Red , and especially in two versions:

+ Grenadine: bright and strong red
+ Bordeaux: dark and elegant color

Both colors can be integrated into your own winter wardrobe in many ways and combined well with items of clothing in other – preferably dark colors. Bordeaux has the advantage that it is suitable for every situation in its reserved manner. Grenadine, on the other hand, is ideal for attracting attention. In addition, red is also very popular in other variants and gradations, for example for warm coats.

Other colors with which fashion lovers are trending this winter, according to the Institut Pantone, are:
+ pink
+ beige brown
+ blue – both delicate light blue and darker shades
+ Purple
+ brown green
+ peach tones
+ golden yellow
+ orange
+ petrol
+ yellow green

Too conspicuous? Then there is still the possibility to opt for subtle gray . Because this all-rounder is also popular in winter fashion. The gray wardrobe has always been easy to care for, because it not only looks reserved, but can also be easily combined, depending on your mood, with subtle black or a piece of clothing in red.

Leather, corduroy and denim all over

leather is an evergreen . However, this winter it is not so much the suede that has been so popular in recent years that sets the tone in the fashion world, but smooth leather. Right at the front:the good old leather coat .

If you don’t particularly like leather or velvet, you can use cord in the form of retro-style Marlene trousers or blazers. For a while reserved for older people, the cozy material is now hip again, not only for vintage and 70s fans.

Denim lovers will also get their money’s worth this winter. You don’t have to limit yourself to jeans . Denim tops and even the denim all-over look are also trendy.

+ Styling tip +
The best way to dress in denim from head to toe and look good is to wear items of clothing in different shades of blue, for example jeans in dark blue and a light blue blouse. Slight color gradations provide an individual touch.

Casual width held tight and form-fitting

Goodbye Skinnyjeans and skin-tight tops – this winter ‘s tehen the characters on loose and wide , as far as the cut. This can be seen, for example:
+ Wide trousers like the Marlene trousers mentioned above, which are characterized by a high waist and wide trouser legs.
+ Wide down jackets
+ boots with a wide shaft

Of course, this winter there is also the option of using a form-fitting coat to bring out your own curves. After all, trousers with a flare are not for everyone. But if you want to be trendy in fashion, take it easy.

It will be versatile

Whether plaid blazer, red winter coat or wide Marlene trousers, the current winter fashion promises variety. The good thing about many of this year’s fashion trends for the cold season: there is a lot of a trend that has been popular in recent years. This proves once again that new things can be combined well with old ones in order to be at the forefront in fashion and that everything comes back in fashion as well as in music.


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