Flip-flops With Heels Are Elegant As A Shoe Trend

In terms of simplicity, flip-flops are hard to beat. Neither straps to lock nor expensive laces. As long as the pedicure is in good shape, just slip in and the flip-flops are put on. While they have proven themselves in the waterproof version as the basic equipment of swimwear, this season they are once again showing their potential for everyday use. The slip- on sandals not only reach a higher level in terms of shoe trends , but are literally placed one floor higher. The following inspirations and styling ideas illustrate that flip-flops with heels in spring / summer 2020 are the elegant (shoe) solution for almost every outfit that are in no way inferior to the original in terms of convenience.

Shoe Trend: Why Flip-flops With Heels Are The Most Elegant Sandals In Spring 2020

To describe shoe trends like flip-flops as completely new would somehow not be entirely correct. Because in addition to their self-evidentness of surfer and bikini equipment, they have also appeared several times in the version with heel. However, in the 2000’s, it was more chunky platform or wedge heels than subtle kitten heels. Accordingly, they were a little further away from the elegant look at the time.

Of course they were cool. Versions of the last spring / summer season 2019, such as Jil Sander, have already shown that this coolness can also be combined with a modern side. For 2020, the elegant note is now being put on the icing on the cake in a downright simple manner, in that the narrow heel of the flip-flops harmonizes with the thin straps of the sandals.

The fact that this connection has met with great enthusiasm in the current season is clear from the digital search queries for the sandal trend: According to the fashion platform Stylight , clicks for flip-flops with heels have increased by 189 percent since the beginning of 2019 compared to 2019.

True to a simple style principle, the toe sandals were seen as a shoe trend among others at AWAKE. The bright red outfit is not only characterized by the sophisticated draping. The flip-flops take the restraint with a certain twist, because the straps are rounded, but the sole and thus the toe are angularly shaped. The combination of white and red seems self-confident in a modern way, precisely because of the focus on details.

Flip-flops With Heels: The Shoe Trend Is So Practical In Everyday Life

The mentioned corners and edges of the sole run through various flip-flops of the current season. The German label Aeyde, for example, shows the sandals in a simple beige version. The additional transverse strap provides both a little more comfort and the delicate connection of a supposed beach slipper with an elegant shoe trend. In its spring / summer presentation 2020, Rag & Bone once again showed that this formula also works in the colorful version.

Under these promising and variable stylistic conditions, the flip-flops seem to have secured a secure place among the shoe trends for this spring. Models like those from Balenciaga seem elegant in an uncomplicated way, despite the slightly wider block heel. Depending on whether you combine the sandals with jeans , wide trousers or a feminine dress, the versatile and definitely everyday potential of the trend sandals can be used in different ways. Because if the circumstances allow it again, you can meet with these flip-flops after work straight for a summer after-work cocktail (on the beach).

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