How Chain And Neckline Form Interact

How is it that the favorite chain complements a top perfectly; on the other hand, does not come into play at all or even has a disadvantageous effect? The secret lies in the interplay between cutout shape and jewelry design. Depending on how the cleavage is cut, different chains are recommended:

Round and V neckline

No matter whether dress, t-shirt or sweater: With a round neckline, the chain may be lush, lie in several rows and / or have large links or stones . It is important that it fits evenly and harmonizes with the color or pattern of the top. The best chain shape for the round neckline is the necklace. A V-shaped cleavage stretches the neck and makes even simple tops look elegant. The optimal jewelry picks up on the given shape; ie the chain protrudes into the cutout like a V. For this purpose, their limbs, pearls or stones should be connected accordingly. With round chains, a trailer provides the necessary focus.

Rectangular neckline

This cleavage shape is typical of tops or dirndl blouses; can also be found on T-shirts or dresses. Filigree chains with an equally angular structure or an angular pendant are the ideal addition. However, this should not protrude too far into the neckline, but rather worn close to the neck.

Boat neckline

This sexy cleavage shape leaves the entire shoulder area free and seduces to emphasize the bare neck. But that is exactly what has an upsetting effect. The better jewelry are chains that protrude a good way from the neckline – i.e. hang loosely around the neck in one or more rows.

One-shoulder neckline

The motto here is “completely or not at all”. Either the chain is just as asymmetrical as the garment and draws attention to the exposed shoulder or it stays in the closet and is replaced by a striking earring. Another possible alternative are henna, rhinestone or temporary tattoos, which emphasize the bare area. However, they must absolutely match the style and occasion of the clothing.


High necked, simple and mostly plain – what sounds boring is the perfect basis for long chains made of unusual material and / or with a striking pendant. They come into their own on a turtleneck sweater and give this rather reserved top a good kick.

Waterfall collar

This cutout shape is almost the opposite of the tight-fitting turtleneck. Their flowing abundance of fabric alone has enough effect and actually makes jewelry unnecessary. If you don’t want to do without entirely, you should choose a brooch instead of a chain and best attach it off-center.

Bubi collar

A name with a program: what should go with the classic polo or blouse collar must be simple and unobtrusive. Are most suitable hereNecklaces without pendants . So that the chain can be seen in the small opening at all, it should lie very close and – if at all – only have a small pendant.

No collar / off the shoulder / corsage cut

Garments of this type are the perfect stage for necklaces or straps or very wide chains that are close to the neck. You should attract attention; may wear the dress, shirt, etc. but never steal the show.


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