How To Go Out Jogging And Stay Chic?

Extracted from the sports locker room , and long undermined, jogging finally holds its revenge. And not the least. At a time when fashion is surfing the homewear trend, jogging combines more than ever the silhouettes of established fashionistas. Danish Pernille Teisbaek and Jeanette Madsen, as well as influencer and model Yoyokulala, joined forces to elect these flexible pants, as new essential of the moment.


Since confinement has made casual its key word, jeans have finally given way to jogging . A not so unpredictable turnaround, when we know that sales of jogging bottoms, and various parts loungewear kept increasing in America, during the first weeks of the quarantine, as the Women’s Wear Daily points out. Spotted around Fashion Week parades , on street corners, or on social networks, jogging completes the panoply of a comfortable, resolutely trendy look. .


Whether cotton, fleece, nylon, elastane, polyester or cashmere , these athletic pants with adjustable drawstrings adapt to any style. If convictions would like us to twist it with a hoodie and lace-up sneakers, jogging is finally combined with sophisticated pieces and accessories , allowing it to quickly bring a touch of elegance.
The more refractory, it is possible to warm up a bit, before joining the style race. Start by slowly but surely swapping your hoodie for a loose shirt, or a comforting sweater . As for shoes, make the transition by turning to derbies, moccasins or flat ankle boots , just to enhance the outfit with a touch of chic.

Finally, for those who are not cold-eyed, we advise you to set the tarmac ablaze by letting yourself be tempted by bold stylistic associations. From the Italian designer Gilda Ambrosio , we will pique the idea of ​​combining a heather gray jogging with a duo sandals and socks , the Danish Thora Valdimars that of twisting it with laced sandals, and Michelle Li, the trick of contrasting a sky blue jogging with a pop orange trench coat.


To be trendy without appearing there, first of all, our hairstyle and our make-up (whether nude or sophisticated) must more than ever be worked on, at the risk of giving ourselves a neglected silhouette. If you slip into a jog at home, bet on thick and high socks, which will warm your look, but also your feet. Then to falsely discipline your hair, opt for a combed -disheveled bun that will boost your outfit without the fuss.
On the city side , to walk the asphalt in jogging with brio, accessories are essential. The jewelry gold, the handbags sober and kerchief tied behind her head, subtly upgradent this piece sportswear . Loose fit and close to the body, in spring , jogging is worn cinched at the waist. And for the more seasoned, don’t hesitate to roll up the hem, and combine the jogging with a bomber, a logo hoodie, a faux leather jacket or even a structured blazer jacket. We assure you, these gimmicks will have their effect!


Much more chic than it appears, jogging is endlessly reinvented. And for good reason, brought back to the forefront of the fashion scene, sportswear outfits give a hard time to creators who have to redouble their imagination to reissue them up to date.
Monochrome like logo, jogging is a matter of style! In fleece, organic cotton, velvet, but also snap or split pant version, jogging boosts our fashion quotient in a flash! Top of our list of desires? A Loulou Studio set signed by the designer and established fashion designer, Chloé Harrouche.


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