How To Wear Flat Boots For A Walk In Style?

The ultimate seasonal investment, flat boots bring everyone together for street style . Spotted around the latest parades as at the feet of fashionistas on social networks, these all-terrain shoes stand out as allies found to go out without the fuss, while remaining chic, and well in his boots . Certainly ticking all the right boxes, they not only allow you to ride the tarmac in style, but also ensure you don’t stumble. As a bonus, their extreme comfort and their relentless stylistic versatility, make them the ideal fashion statement to tread the asphalt during and after confinement, without losing our elegance.


Although on Instagram as on online stores, there is a multitude of flat boots , it remains difficult to make a choice, among the myriad of models put forward. So which boots should you invest in to ensure the hype of the season? Several schools exist, as evidenced by the current fashion which takes place in five tempos. First of all, we are witnessing the dazzling return of combat boots, or military rangers , which are revolutionizing a stylistic era that we thought to be over: the eighties . Adopted by fashion enthusiasts, these boots with rebellious lines allow you to compose resolutely sexy looks by injecting a casual dose . Wear them with a dress-style blazer jacket , or with cargo pants to sit on the grunge side.

At the same time, fashionistas set foot in the stirrup by claiming the rise of riding boots . Appreciated for the supple lines which outline their contours, these boots taken out of the equestrian field can be combined with all styles. Worn with a slit skirt or loose shorts, they will highlight our delicate strides, while twisted with raw jeans, they will bring a sporty note.

In the same vein, laced boots prove to be the perfect compromise for walking. With a purely burlesque aesthetic, these boots with minimalist or imperceptible heels brilliantly combine the marquise trend of modern times. Fans of dresses and skirts will be delighted, since these ankle boots lend themselves to the game. Then, no offense to some, the cowboy boots also put on their official dress by imposing themselves one more year, as the pledge of sensuality of winter. Praised for the air of Native American adventurers they impart, the cowboy boots are acclimated as a bonus with a nice handful of clothes : wrap skirt, high waist shorts , pants with a split hem (split pant), satin skirt, but also mom jeans, loose or bootcut.

Finally, slouchy boots complete the list of models to adopt. If generally they are in suede, suede, or leather and fitted with heels, these shoes are reissued in a flat version. The very embodiment of models from the 90s, they are still appreciated today for their supple, almost crumpled curves. To stroll in the streets, we will therefore consider them with a combo of padded jacket and jeans with rolled up hems, or with a fluid printed dress.

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