What Fashion Pieces To Steal From Your Boyfriend To Go Shopping?

Tread the tarmac to reach the supermarket, take down the trash cans with a rhythmic step… The first confinement will have taught us that in times of isolation, each exit is a pretext to put on his 31. But this time, exit the stiletto heels , slit skirts and denim corsets , fashion is all about ultra-cool.

From now on, writers, stylists and influencers are freeing themselves from convictions, to extricate from the male dressing room clothes that combine unstoppable comfort and unsinkable style. Thus, in order not to break the rule of less is more , these big names in fashion monopolize the clothes and accessories of men, occasionally making the revolution of non-gendered fashion, so often criticized. Long categorized as antonym of sexy, the androgynous look finally finds a whole new resonance in the style playing field. And for good reason, witness to supreme comfort and offering a nonchalant look to whoever rubs it, the masculine-feminine style turns out to be the ultimate card to play, in this confined period.


Against the collective subconscious, the androgynous style turns out to be decidedly sexy. With their oversized cut and the vintage aspect that they inject into our looks, the clothes borrowed from men bring a more desirable style to our outfits. One of the reasons? Their ample lines, camouflage the curves of the body, and call the imagination to work. A fashion gimmick thus making full sense of the urban legend which says that a man will always appreciate the fact that his girlfriend slips into one of his shirts when he wakes up. To embrace the trend by avoiding going all over the place, let’s take a break on men’s clothes and accessories that it will be good to store on his side of the dressing room.


In order to dynamise our winter wardrobe, and to recycle men’s clothing without breaking the credit card, we immediately grabbed pieces of character. Blazer surtaillé, jogging cotton shirt how lumberjack, cargo pants, denim jacket, bomber, trench coat military spirit, bob and cap logos, belt leather, dad shoes … Key mode contains the male dressing will soon enough burst into ours, to change sides.


To achieve this style exercise brilliantly, it is wise to contrast the cuts and materials. In other words, if we take our man’s leather jacket, it would be best, for example, to twist it with a tight-fitting cotton dress, just to underline the outfit with a touch of femininity. In the same vein, it is permissible to divert men’s clothing from their primary function. For example, consider the ultra-loose blazer as a dress, buttoning it cleverly, and slipping a bra and shorty underneath


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