How To Style Cargo Pants

The best thing about the 90s apart from “Candy cigarettes” and “Champak” are the cargo pants, these were a hit among the ladies and now that the 90s are back in fashion so are the cargo pants. Though cargo pants were mainly worn by men when it was made but it gradually started to trend as a women fashion element as well. They have made a great way in the women’s fashion industry as well and now we see so many beautiful ladies acing their gym looks and casual airport looks in cargo pants.

Being a woman is not an easy job, from managing the house to carrying heavy sarees they work it all. We always look for outfits that are comfortable, easy to carry and breathable, but what better than a cargo pant and a t-shirt. It is something that can be worn anywhere from airports to casual dates if you are thinking it’s too boring for you then wait! We have brought to you tips and tricks on how to style cargo pants for different occasions so that you look new every day with different styles. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started-

1. The sporty look

How about wearing something that will be comfortable and at the same time will it be fashionable? Try wearing cargo pants with a bralette and biker jacket, if you want to add up a bit you can also accessorize it by putting on ankle boots and sunnies. This will give you an edgy and stylish outfit perfect for events.

2. The casual vibe

You can always keep your outfit minimal and simple, something that’s appropriate for regular clothing, get your hands on a white or black tank top and pair it up with your cargo pants, put on your boots and sunnies, it’ll be perfect for a casual day vibe.

3. The workwear

Cargos for work? yes! You can switch cargos with your regular pants and pair them with a blazer, this will look equally professional and presentable. You can wear cargo pants with a knitted top paired with pointed pumps, you can wear this for an after work meeting.

4. The chill chic

The chill chic look mostly includes a feminine blouse with cargo pants, you can add some girly looking blouses with bright colors to your wardrobe if you are going out on a casual day with friends or even with family. You can wear heels or flats anything that you are comfortable with, this will be just perfect for girls these days who like to wear minimal dresses that are also presentable.

5. The airport look

You can always add color to your outfit, try wearing colorful t-shirts that will give your dull outfits a splash of colors and can uplift your entire vibe. As it is very much important to be comfortable while traveling you can go for shoes, sneakers or even flat slippers. Women have a great benefit when it comes to outfits, they can carry anything with ease, the colors will give an entire fun look. If you are someone who doesn’t want to add lots of colors then you can definitely go for neutral tones, something like white, black or beige.

6. The gym wear

Cargo pants for the gym? Well yes! You can also wear cargo pants to your gym or for your pilates session as these are extremely comfortable and stylish. You can go for a casual solid t-shirt or a cropped hoodie to pair with it, wear it to your gym, pilates session and even for your dance sessions.


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