How To Style Floral Prints

Summer is around the corner and its time to get a more chic and fashionable look to bear the summer breezy winds. It’s time for the floral prints to show its magic, add florals to your wardrobe and be summer-ready. Dresses or tops that have floral patterns are often summers and spring staples, they make you look feminine and brings out the best from you. It is something that suits every body, shape, and size. There are many patterns in florals you can opt for any print, may it be big flower patterns or the smaller one.

Floral prints are not only for women, but these are also for men. These kinds of prints are perfect for goa vacations or any beach vacation it gives you the perfect summer vibes. This trend can be easily mastered and can be a go-to outfit for many of you. It’s been some years that florals prints are around the corner and there are hundreds of ways you can successfully wear florals in a sophisticated fashionable way, if you are out of ideas and want to try on florals then you have come to the right place. We have compiled ways to style floral prints.

1. Classy floral blazer

From Paris fashion weeks to London fashion weeks the floral prints are everywhere and when it comes to the innovation fashion industry have always experimented, while we all are wondering what’s new with floral this summer we can see a lot of fashion shows promoting floral suits and blazers. Yes, you can now add florals to your casual meetings on a regular basis, this will make you look fashionable yet classy at the same time. Social media has been flooded with celebrities wearing floral blazers and walking down the streets making their looks more stylish and fashionable.

2. The one floral shirt

This is the most basic piece of floral prints, wearing a floral shirt with your skirt or even pants have become very casual these days. People these days want to experiment with their clothes and that’s the same with floral shirts. From small prints to big flower patterns there are so many types and trends when it comes to picking floral patterns. Button your shirt up with jeans or even solid colored shorts. Floral shirts are probably the easiest element to style, you can add your personal touch to it by adding some accessories like a hat and sunglasses.

3. The tie with floral print

Yes you read it right, these are the new innovation of the fashion world, the floral ties are a great way to show your personality, if you love suits and blazers but are bored of the solid colors then this is for you it will add style to your personality without sacrificing your fashion sense. Go for ties that color coordinates with your suit, you can just never go wrong with floral ties, may it be a wedding or a meeting.

4. The ideal summer shorts

Summers are incomplete if you do not wear your favorite floral shorts and pose at a beach. This goes for girls as well as for guys. Floral shorts are something that is very easy to pull off, to maintain the balance you can add a soft-toned t-shirt or a shirt anything that goes with the shorts. A lot of people opt for denim shorts but floral prints are something that gives warm summer feels. Men can experiment with their shorts and wear something that compliments their personality, the floral shorts will give them a Hawaiian touristy vibe.


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