How To Wear A Peter Pan Collar Dress?

The dress with the Claudine collar , commonly known as the Peter Pan collar among Anglo-Saxons, is a classic in our dressings. Under the false air of a wise little girl, the Claudine collar is trendy and modern and allows you to create many combinations in terms of style. Because yes, you can bring your rock, glam or retro touch if you know what to wear your Claudine dress with . Here are 3 trendy versions of dresses with a Peter Pan collar to wear this winter .

Where does the Claudine Pass come from?

The Claudine collar, born in 1905, is made by costume designer Peter and Wendy , a great classic that we all know by the name of Peter Pan . Maude Adams, the main character of the play then wore a green blouse with a slightly rounded white collar. Since then, the Peter Pan collar will be worn sometimes as an accessory over a pretty sweater or sometimes very chic on a little dress. The Claudine collar also refers to French literature and the character of Colette, a famous autobiography from 1900 called Claudine at school where we saw on the cover the protagonist wearing a dress with Claudine collar.

It was in 1950 that the Claudine collar became a must-have in the feminine wardrobe thanks to the sublime Audrey Hepburn who wore a pretty Claudine collar on a red blouse. Finally over the years, its imprint gradually lost in personality to become slightly obsolete. In recent years, it has made a comeback to become a must-have available in all kinds of chic and retro versions. This is how we see it with polka dots, glitter, leather etc … Its retro touch and impeccable air are perfectly suited this season with predominant styles such as the neo-bourgeois style, the British trend or even the Preppy style.

How to wear a Peter Pan collar dress?

The dress with the Claudine collar gives the false airs of wise little girls. If you like this style but want to break the little girl model side, here’s how to wear a Peter Pan collar dress for a modern and current style?

Which jacket with a Peter Pan collar dress?

The dress with the Claudine collar directly imposes a particular style. It is thanks to the way you will match it with your clothes and accessories that your own style will emerge from your look. Another option to modernize the look is to choose an oversized jacket (another big trend this winter). The boyfriend cut jacket works particularly well with the Peter Pan collar dress . Trendy look guaranteed !!

In terms of coat, if you have a duffle coat in your wardrobe, it’s time to take it out! It will match your outfit perfectly. Straight woolen coats are also very good options to stay in the chic side of the Peter Pan collar.

What shoes to wear with a Peter Pan collar dress?

To give a rebellious air to your outfit and break the image of the wise little girl, we advise you to wear a pair of Dr Martens platform boots or laced boots. These are very trendy and you will find all kinds of models this winter on Zalando, Asos, Sarenza or Spartoo. For a modern and trendy style, you can also opt for black chelsea boots or laced ankle boots (big winter trend).

How to accessorize the Peter Pan collar dress?

If you’re wondering how to accessorize your Peter Pan collar dress , it’s very simple! Opt for a removable Claudine collar. Sequins, sequins, studs, trendy prints, there is something for everyone!

The advantage with the removable collar is that you can easily interpose it on a pretty blouse or on a dress with a round neck. Depending on the material and the finishes of the collar that you choose, this will completely dress your dress and give you a style of your own. Do you like the animal print trend that is invading the catwalks this winter? Why not dare the col graouuu? Do you prefer the glitter trend? Easy! Opt for a removable collar with sequins .

3 trendy versions of dresses with a Peter Pan collar this winter

The traditional little black dress

The version of the white Claudine collar on a traditional black dress is timeless. It will be chic in all circumstances. It is worn close to the body with a straight cut or tightened at the waist and rather short. It is perfect for a winter outfit and you will find many models with long sleeves.
Two versions are possible with the black Peter Pan collar dress:

  • either we stay on a flawless style: tied hair, a ponytail, a bun, leather derbies and black tights
  • either we want to modernize it: in this case we will opt for a perfecto, lace-up ankle boots, high boots and a wavy cut

Preppy version of the Peter Pan collar dress

The preppy style is very trendy again this season. Little reminder for those who skipped their fashion lessons this year: the preppy style is defined by a style reminiscent of that of prestigious American universities: moccasins, university colors, shirts, straight pants etc. A must have of this trendy look is undoubtedly the dress with the Peter Pan collar. To be ultra modern, you no longer necessarily need to choose a classic black dress with a white Peter Pan collar. You can opt for tartan print dresses in green / navy or red and navy blue that you can match with moccasins or chic ankle boots.

The chic Peter Pan collar dress

The Claudine dress is undoubtedly chic and if you accessorize it with a beautiful pair of pumps, you will have everything included to create a perfect evening, cocktail or wedding party look. Dare to choose dresses with a Peter Pan collar with modern cuts and / or mix them with a perfecto.


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