How To Wear Flowing Pants?

This year marks the return of the fluid pants known as the palazzo. You see them on the streets, in the evenings, at the beach, in the office and even in wedding attire. Very popular in the 60s and 70s, it is easy to understand why everyone loves them now. They are elegant, comfortable and above all they are easy to combine with other pieces to create pretty looks. So if you are wondering if the flowing pants are for you or if you are short of ideas on how to wear palazzo pants , jump in and read our article.

What are the characteristics of the palazzo?

Fluid pants are extremely comfortable due to their wonderfully loose cut, which allows materials to swirl around you as you walk and this gives you a graceful style and an ultra feminine gait. This loose style can be relatively conservative, a bit like flared jeans or even French-cut path of eph which means that they flare from the hip rather than the waist. But if you prefer, you can find flowing pants that almost look like a maxi dress rather than pants. Some flowing pants, especially more fitted pants, have zip closures at the front or sides, but larger models tend to have an elastic or drawstring waist.

Naturally, it is important to choose your fluid pants outfit in order to get the most out of your figure, but with a little effort, you can make yourself look beautiful. Taller women can wear very loose flowing pants.

What colors and patterns to choose for your flowing pants?

Depending on your taste and style, you can find flowing pants of all kinds. There are many prints and all kinds of colors depending on the occasion you are going to. Solid colors range from subtle pastels to brilliant rainbow hues, to muted tones and, of course, classic black and white. There are a wide variety of patterns that will make your mouth water. Some retro prints echo the atmosphere of the 70s , with complex psychedelic prints or monochrome Jacquards.

Several options are available to you :

For an elegant look

The feminine cut of the palazzo pants makes them perfect for creating an elegant look.

Loose pants, perhaps with a small polka dot print and paired with a ruffled double breasted top or a plain top, is a wonderful choice for a summer evening.

For a sophisticated look

To get a sophisticated Parisian look , all you have to do is pair your outfit with high heels .

  • Plain black palazzo pants , worn with a flowing tunic, will attract all eyes, and an embellished belt at the waist will add a nice fashion detail to all of your outfit.
  • The monochrome palazzos and a top black ruffles at the sleeves embellished bishops create a truly exotic look, while the custom cream palazzos are incredible when combined with a high chevron stripes sharp.

For a casual look comfortable palazzo

The comfort of flowing pants makes them a natural choice for a relaxed look.

  • Choose flowing plain but bright pants and wear them with a contrasting plain top.
  • To highlight the flared shape of your flowing pants, opt for a classic cut T-shirt, a crop top or a spaghetti top.
  • For a softer style, try flowing pants with a pretty floral print and a ruffle top.

For a Retro / Vintage style

With its roots so deeply rooted in vintage culture, the retro look really makes your flowing pants shine. Vintage classic palazzos are fashionable with striking monochrome prints like diagonals or jacquards, as well as rich color choices like ethnic mandala patterns, kaleidoscopic patterns or bold flowers.

These pants go very well with a plain top. For a vintage style, the white palazzo can also be very interesting in total white look or associated with nude tones such as beige, ivory, cream etc. Worn with a pair of retro glasses and block heels, you will have a perfect look of the 80s. Do not hesitate to consult our guide to know how to wear white pants !

Which shoes to choose?

Finding the right shoes to wear with your flowing pants is very important as this is what will give the final touch to your look . Although it may seem that your shoes are less important because they will most often be hidden under the wide legs of your pants, it is in fact even more important to choose the right shoes even if we only have a small overview discreet. With a summer outfit, strappy sandals will be more easily granted, while classic heeled pumps lend themselves perfectly to a more solemn occasion.

The mid-heels are also very pretty; the cork mules keep the retro theme for a vintage set and the sandals are a comfortable option for a semi-casual theme. But don’t forget the flat shoes either. A pair of sneakers or derbies can give a very nice look. You can also wear a pair of Adidas sneakers to add chic to a casual outfit. Do not hesitate to look at the 5 trends to follow to choose your sneakers well in 2019 .


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