How To Wear The Cardigan More Rock?

We had left it in the locker room of yesteryear, and now for two seasons, the cardigan has regained our confidence. Annoyed, disparaged, the mesh cardigan finally joined the high ranks of fashion, but this time, sporting itself in a more rock fashion. Long unloved, this vest wool we thought outmoded re-entered for the second consecutive winter, in the directory of trends . This essential piece of the autumn wardrobe, which has that very Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi , has unexpectedly increased our stylistic quotient since the drop in temperatures.


Worn in its early days by French and English fishermen, the cardigan nevertheless made its appearance during the 19th century. In fact, this popular vest takes its name from its first follower, James Thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan and Lieutenant-General of the British Empire, who became a war hero in 1854 after a legendary triumph during the Battle of Balaklava. This is how the cardigan made its entry into high society before being reinterpreted by Gabrielle Chanel who attested to its elegance and helped shape its notoriety.


Not only available in stores, the cardigan has the sweet merit of recycling our wardrobe by being able to easily pick up in thrift stores . Halfway between a comforting sweater and a light jacket , this collarless cardigan is distinguished by its buttoning on the front, but also by its highly retro aesthetic. Thus, to wake up this slightly sleepy room, fashionistas do not fail to inject a dose of rock, just to give it character.


Before embarking headlong on this perilous exercise, it is essential to turn to a model that will know how to stand out, or that we can easily break down.

Austrian cardigan

For romantics at heart, the Austrian cardigan is the ideal ally. Traditionally embroidered with flowers and envisaged in pastel colors, it remains the most challenging, when you want to revisit this piece in a more rebellious way. Thus, it will be considered worn directly on the skin, slightly unbuttoned, and associated with raw pieces made of leather or denim canvas : high-waisted jeans, a rigid handbag , a pair of combat boots , a wide belt for wrap the size then structure the whole. And on the accessories side , we will turn to sunglasses with amber or black lenses, to reinforce the conquering attitude of the look.

Printed cardigan

Whether with houndstooth, houndstooth, gingham, checked , logo, or striped patterns, the printed cardigan can easily be twisted with wardrobe basics. To legitimize it on the asphalt, the fashionistas who ensure play either the all-over card , which consists in associating it with a pair of pants or a coordinated skirt, or conversely, to contrast with plain clothes, of hues. lively or sober.

Monochrome cardigan

If it joins the shades of black and gray, the plain cardigan alone ensures a first step towards a rock outfit. To accentuate this effect, we will simply twist it with accessories of the same sound: a silver belt hanger in the wild west spirit, a pair of cowboy boots, military rangers, aviator glasses, a stacking (accumulation) of necklaces … Conversely, if it is in a pop color, it will be associated with clothes and accessories made from challenging materials: lamé, quilted, glossed leather, vinyl or even velvet (smooth or ribbed). provided that its color is intense.


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