Interesting Way To Design Your Blouses

Most of the women ask their tailors to tell them designs for new blouses and yet sometimes are confused what to design it with. With the rise in fashion industry in India, there are lot of new designs popping now and them. We have all adored the Manish Malhotra’s and Sabyasachi’s designer blouses but we know they cost a fortune to invest in those pieces. You always have the alternative to get little crafty and experiment it yourself. There are a lot of possible ways to design a blouse for yourself but what it needs is just a little patience and time.

Well, the first priority comes to the cut of the blouse. First you have to be sure if you want to go for a seamless princess cut blouse or the normal cut blouse. Then know what kind of depth you want for your back. Choose your style. If you want a pot neck or a square neck it is upon your choice. Never be afraid of experimenting with different styles keeping your saree in perspective. There is a sense of satisfaction when you do it on your own. Here are few ways that can help you to design a blouse for your saree.

1. Do not shy away from trying out the new

Have you always worn a square or a round neck? It is never too late to try out something new. Boat necks, pot necks, racer back necks are so in trend right now. The more you try, you will soon start to find a style for yourself which you are comfortable in and also looks trendy. Give new looks a shot once in a while to know it suits you or not.

2. Sleeves can be your saviour

Do you think there is only that normal sleeve you could opt for? Think over it again. You have lot of different options for your sleeves. You can puff up your sleeves which might give you a 2000’s vibe. You can also opt for three-fourth and get a nice zardosi work done to your sleeve. You can also have full handed sleeve which can be tricky to design. Remember to use a net or a lacey fabric to get full sleeves stitched because it looks a little polished, put together and breathable. Nowadays the bell sleeves are trending all over the internet. Bell sleeves are surely going to look amazing with a plain chiffon saree.

3. Knowing how to balance things

This is the part where many of us make mistakes. If your saree is simple go with a heavy blouse. There are many blouses online to choose from in that matter. If you really don’t want a heavily sequined blouse then you could tone it down a little bit with printed blouses. These days there are a lot of prints and with kalamkari trending on that list. If you are going for a heavily sequined saree then opt for a plain blouse. Always try to maintain a balance when you are working your way out with sarees.

4. Knowing what suits you

It might be a little time taking task but knowing what will suit you is important. If you are imaginative then you can do one thing, think of the output and think if it will suit you or not. Get the blouse stitched; go for fittings once or twice. Any baggy fabric will ruin all the gorgeousness of your drape. Sometimes you might feel your blouse isn’t giving you that vibe. Just add a piping that is contrast to your saree and it will do the job.


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