Lord Of The Rings

Rings are an eternal part of everyone’s lives. Whether a man or a woman rings is as essential to wear as clothes. Rings are gifted on all occasions. Rings are emotional gifts. For instance, an engagement ring is certainly attached to the core of the bride’s and the groom’s heart. It is a lifetime emotional investment. Hence, there is a lot of pressure to select the best ring for your partner. Like all other jewellery pieces, rings also seem to be overwhelming. Similarly, the price also varies like all other jewellery pieces. Besides the price, metal is also an important factor in regards to a ring.

You need to consider the right metal before you make any purchase. Next comes the design and the gemstone to be selected. And lastly, the choice is what you rely upon. The price of the metal, price of the gemstone and the making charges, all when combine together gives you the original value of any ring. There are many types of rings in the market – precious ones and the semi-precious ones too. It is completely your decision which one you want to invest in.
Here are some basic designs that are easily available with the jewellers. These are in trend since 2019.

Basic Bands

A ring that is uniform in width, with no design on “top”. It might be engraved with letters or plans or set with precious stones or gemstones. This is a simple round ring, hardly a few centimetres in width. This comes in various metals. That depends on your personal choice and budget too. If you are looking for something unique for your partner, you can choose platinum as your metal. Else you can choose either a gold band or silver sterling band as well.

Precious stone Engagement Rings

Engagements rings are exchanged when two people are hitched. These rings are luxuriously rich and are studded with diamonds and precious stones. Wedding bands are ordinarily an excellent gemstone (typically a precious stone) set in a band. It tells the world that she is focused on her accomplice. Engagement rings are normally expensive, as stones and precious gems are set in it.

Birthstone Ring

A ring that highlights precious gemstones are called birthstones ring. This ring is quite expensive as stones related to birth are set. Everyone has a different sun sign and similarly their birth stones are different too. One person cannot wear the same stone that the other is wearing. It holds a lot of importance in terms of luck, career, finance, marriage and so on and so forth. Hence, one has to be very cautious while choosing the metal and the carat of the gemstone in the birthstone ring.

Cluster Ring

Different jewels or gemstones of different sizes formed together in one setting in a cluster are called as the cluster ring. This is normally found in a diamond ring. Clusters of diamonds of different shapes and sizes are set in a cluster. This rings caries in price. Its price depends on the metal used and he number of diamonds set in. In some rare and timeless pieces, you could even see rare pieces of diamonds set in this cluster.

Contemporary Ring

As the name highlights, it is actually a contemporary piece of jewellery. Otherwise called a bunch ring, it is enormous in size. You can normally find a bunch of diamonds set in a shape of 3D flowers. This accentuates and ascents impressively off the finger. It also gives a little “retro” feel to the ring; as such designs of rings were designed way back in the 1930’s. It can be worn in cocktail parties or any other party. Hence, you can also call it a “cocktail ring” in a layman’s language. This ring is an extravagant purchase, if ever you’re planning to buy it. Rings made out of more up to date materials, for example, palladium or titanium would likewise order as contemporary rings, rather than gems formed out of customary 18k yellow gold or silver.

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