Mini, Midi Or Midaxi – Which Lengths And Shapes Are Now Popular

Skirts never go out of fashion and yet there are new rock trends for 2020 that you should definitely know. Whether Mini, Midi or Midaxi – we reveal which lengths and shapes are now popular. Skirts become absolute favorite items of clothing, especially at higher temperatures: why? Probably simply because they are wonderfully airy on the legs and can be combined in a variety of ways . While a dress is a dress, we could theoretically wear a skirt every day within a week and still wear a completely new outfit. We’ll tell you which rock trends from 2020 are particularly suitable for summer and for a colorful styling carousel – with these mini, midi, maxi and midaxi skirts , your look will definitely not be boring!

Mini, midi or midaxi: which skirt length is the trend this year?

While Midi was undeniably the tone in 2018, the rock lengths in 2019 became somewhat more variable. The mini skirt is making a comeback and midi skirts (and also dresses) came around the corner in a slightly longer form. Especially the midaxi length: a mix of midi and maxi, where the hem ends just before the ankle. And 2020? We carry everything! The range extends from Mini to Midi to Midaxi and Maxi. But watch out for fashion fans: There are differences this year in terms of material and style.

Midi length hippie skirts

One of the most relaxed rock trends in 2020 is hippie-style skirts . They are characterized above all by paisley prints, floral patterns or steps and ruffles. The main thing is that the 1970s say hello!

Changing skirts always fit

Wrap-around skirts are not just a dream because they are trendy right now, but above all because they are wonderfully comfortable and just always sit: We wrap and tie them at any time in the way that suits us best. In a midi length, they go just as well with sneakers as with flat mule sandals.

Satin and pleated skirts: fashion trends 2019

Satin and pleated skirts are incredibly popular in 2019 for a very specific reason: They can be combined with the currently so sporty and casual fashion pieces – such as ugly sneakers – and give the pieces that decisive pinch of elegance and styling. An investment in a beautiful satin or pleated skirt is definitely worth it, in a beautiful color it makes a wow look even with a white shirt and white sneakers.

New edition of all time favorite: denim skirts

Mini-length jeans skirts are simply a thing every summer – so you can’t really go wrong here. However, if you like to be up-to-date, you should think about a midi or midaxi jeans skirt. The big advantage: the longer brothers of the jeans mini-skirt look more attracted and adult. We also like to walk into the office with them and the possible combinations are virtually endless. Longer jeans skirts can be casual-elegant (with high-heeled sandals) as well as sporty (with sneakers or trekking sandals). Depending on your preference, we can use white pencil skirts or wide-swinging models, for example. A popular detail for that special something: a continuous button placket.

Feminine-strong leather skirts

Leather skirts make their big appearance this year. We love them because they look feminine and at the same time raw and close to nature. If you find real leather too expensive or just don’t like it because you love animals: the artificial leather models are in no way inferior to those made of real leather. If you are thinking about buying: Models in black or dark brown are the most worthwhile. These colors can be combined extremely versatile in combination with a mini or midi length and are not only beautiful this year. A figure hit: leather skirts with paper bag waist!

Rock trends 2019: animal prints, flounces, sequins, fringes, asymmetry …

It’s summer: Of course, skirts with a floral print are a wonderful evergreen – in the truest sense of the word, but this year the designers invite us to be brave: animal prints, flounces, sequins, fringes, asymmetrical cuts … The rock trends of 2019 are sure , no matter what length and shape, for lots of styling fun!


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