Pants Trends These Are The 5 Must-haves Of The Season

We browsed the Instagram accounts of the fashion professionals and looked for the most beautiful pants for this year. One thing should be revealed in advance: the trousers trends for 2020 are more comfortable than ever. We show you which five pants trends the fashion world is now crazy about. Which of the trend pants is your favorite?

Trend 1: wide leg pants are in 2020

Wide leg pants are the big thing in 2020 and are among the trendiest pants styles. What are wide leg pants? In principle, wide leg pants are all extremely wide-cut pants. Whether with a paperbag waistband, crease or as a cropped version – the only thing that is important is that the pants are cut comfortably and wide.

How do I style wide leg pants?

The great thing about wide leg pants: They are not only incredibly comfortable, they can also be combined in a chic and super casual way. Models with a crease are particularly suitable for business – especially if they are combined with high heel shoes, blouses and blazers . With sneakers and a cool print shirt, wide leg pants are suitable for everyday use.

By the way: fashion professionals are currently crazy about wide leg pants in off-white and cream ( e.g. this model from Amazon *). They prefer to combine them to the same-colored blazer.

Tip: Tops should be cut as close as possible and close to the body to compensate for the voluminous cut of the pants.

Trend 2: Lederhosen are very popular in 2020

Lederhosen are not exactly groundbreaking now – but this year they are experiencing their fashion high point. By the way, the wide leg cut also dominates in pants made of (faux) leather in 2020: instead of super-tight, pants made of synthetic leather come wide and with a straight leg this year.

The nice thing about the (fake) lederhosen is that, like jeans, they can theoretically be styled for anything. With pumps and a shiny satin top, the pants look super elegant, with sneakers and an oversize shirt they look rather cool and casual.

Incidentally, leatherette pants live from style breaks – especially when it comes to materials. For example, leather harmonizes perfectly with coarse knits or delicate silk.

Trend 3: in 2020 we are wearing slouchy pants

And here we come to the next trousers model, which picks up on the trend “the farther and more comfortable, the better”: We are talking about trousers in a slouchy cut. Slouchy pants are models that sit on the waist, are extremely voluminous on the legs and are super slim again on the ankles.

The most important styling tips for slouchy pants:

The key to slouchy pants is the right styling. Because with the wrong top, the trend trousers can quickly look totally unfavorable. Since the pants are already voluminous enough, you should rather keep your hands off oversized shirts. Unless you put the top in the waistband and additionally model your waist with a belt. It is better to have tight-fitting tops or sweaters in a cropped cut ( shop here at NA-KD *).

In addition: with high shoes, the silhouette looks a bit narrower and longer. Of course, sneakers are also possible , but prefer to use narrow models and leave chunky sneakers in the shoe cabinet.

Trend 4: The cargo pants are back

The next trousers trend may be known to some of you from the 90s . At that time, he preferred to wear it to build-free tops and Buffalo shoes. We are talking about cargo pants (sometimes called utility pants). They are celebrating their big comeback in 2020. But don’t worry: The pants are no longer worn with tight tops, but very casually with a cool statement shirt or longsleeve. We particularly like the modern cargo pants with paperbag high waist waist (e.g. this model from NA-KD *).


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