Plaid Blazer: How To Style The Trend Piece

Fashion-conscious women cannot avoid the plaid blazer in autumn and winter. However, the current oversized models with a retro look quickly look old-fashioned away from the catwalk. We show how women aged 40 and over combine the trendy part in a stylish way and present five product favorites. Check fans can breathe a sigh of relief: The trend pattern is retained in autumn and winter, too, with the colors becoming milder and the check variants more classic. Although plaid blazers can look great in any age group, fashion-conscious women over 40 often shy away from the trend piece.

Beyond the age of 20, plaid blazers with the wrong styling look quick and old-fashioned. So that you are spared from fashionable mistakes, we show three outfit suggestions with plaid blazers that look anything but dusty. Here are the best styling tips and five current favorite blazers from the DONNA editorial team with plaid patterns:

Prince of Wales Check, Glencheck & Co .: The checks are British

While Gingham or Vichy checks – small-checked patterns, mostly in black or red on a white background – dominated in summer, the trend pattern in the autumn / winter season comes in a variety of variants. Both high-priced high-fashion labels such as Isabel Marant and Gucci, and fashion chains such as Mango, Zara and H&M are increasingly relying on traditional British plaid patterns.

These plaid patterns are a trend in autumn / winter

The so-called Prince of Wales Check is particularly popular . that consists of two superimposed checked patterns. The basic tone is mostly gray, beige or light brown, the second check sets accents in a contrasting color such as yellow, orange, dark brown or blue. The check pattern was named after Edward II of England, who ruled as Prince of Wales in the 14th century.

Also from the United Kingdom is the Glencheck check , which decorates blazers, coats and two-pieces in a retro style: The term is composed of the English terms glen: “mountain valley” and check: “check”. Traditionally this plaid variant can be found in the Scottish Highlands, was originally only worn by Scottish nobles and was primarily used for men’s suits, vests or ties. Glencheck is a fine checked pattern in subtle tones such as black, white, beige or shades of gray. The Prince of Wales Check is a variant of the Glencheck check.

Houndstooth plaid clothing was considered old-fashioned for a long time, but has again become a trend pattern in the past five years. The typical houndstooth pattern is created by checks, which are connected to each other by small extensions. Houndstooth was originally reserved for men. Christian Dior was the first fashion designer in 1947 to design women’s fashion with a houndstooth pattern. Houndstooth plaid was particularly common in the 80s and then gradually disappeared from the closets until it celebrated its fashionable revival in the 2010s.

1 plaid blazer, 3 styling ideas

Correctly selected and combined, a classic plaid blazer survives temporary fashion trends and gives you pleasure for a long time. Do you want evidence? We show how you can combine three different outfits with the blazer from United Colors of Benetton for 100 euros. Let yourself be inspired!

Styling tips for the retro look

British plaid patterns are reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s, when they often adorned dresses, suits and coats. Take up this fashion association consciously and style the plaid blazer with a solid color knit sweater with a stand-up, turtleneck or round neckline. Tops in retro colors such as mustard yellow, bordeaux, cream white, moss green or black are particularly authentic. Flared jeans in a dark wash, loafer pumps or flat loafers complete the look. Alternatively, you can wear ankle boots in light or dark brown with block heels.

Styling tips for the business look

Blazers with a checked check or Prince of Wales check look so serious that you can accompany them to the office. Wear the plaid blazer with an office suit made of elegant pleated trousers in black, dark gray or navy and a white, cream or light blue shirt blouse. Pointed pumps and a roomy shopper for laptops, notebooks, etc. round off the job outfit.

Styling tips for the casual outfit

If you want to dress warm and cozy, but still feminine in winter, a combination of a checked blazer and a cozy knitted dress is the right style for you. If you choose a blazer and dress in neutral tones, you are welcome to bring some color into play with the accessories, for example a narrow waist belt, handbag and shoes.


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