Simple Diy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Excellent hairdos aren’t constantly conceived at the salon. While your beautician might be an expert at making complex plaits and buns that apparently keep awake alone, nothing beats a simple hairdo that looks considerably more troublesome than it really is. Here are ten simple and chic styles for long hair that you can make at home. Regardless of whether you’re set for a conventional event or essentially made a beeline for work, these simple haircuts for long hair make certain to draw praises any place you wear them.

Twofold Buns

Disregard that chaotic topknot, this season is tied in with looking cool and adorable with twofold buns. This is super easy to create at home. You cannot afford salons every time you have to go for a party. Create this simple look within 15 minutes at home. Just google out on how to create two folds buns.Just create a centre parting, like you do to make two school ponytails. Instead of making ponies, you have to hold them high and twist your hair into buns. Secure them with pins.

Twisted Bun

A twistes bun is a chic and simple up-do that is ideal for formal events. Make it as cleaned or loose as you like by curving hair more tightly or looser near the nape of your neck. Pull out a few strands of hair to give a classy look.

Low Rolled Bun

Formal occasions, for example, weddings, request a cleaned haircut. While different visitors may burn through hundreds at the beauticians, you can set aside cash and time by making this chic, low moved bun at home.

Half Bun

A half bun hairdo makes a chic, lethargic young lady look. Ideal for easygoing events, this style looks best with thick, muddled waves. Pull back a section of your hair and leave the other half open. Twist the front half into a bun. Secure it with pins. You are all set for a Sunday brunch.

Beach Waves

Beach waves are ideal for lazy days. However these voluminous unusual twists are top notch for night occasions.You need a roller tong to get this look at home. Just keep curling your hair by pulling little sections apart and curling them up. This looks ultimately classy for a dinner date as well.

Simple half pulled back hair

This is the easiest hairstyle that any girl could sport. If you have a bad hair day, you can easily pull it off well. Just pull out half section of your hair. Comb it backwards and secure it loosely with some pins. Leave the remaining half open. This gives a natural look.

Side parted open hair

Again very simple and classy style of all times. You don’t have to put any efforts to creating it. All you need to do is to let your hair loose. Flip it on one side thus creating a natural side parting. You can also create a solid side parting with a tail comb.

Wavy hair with centre parting

Yet again a simplest of all hairstyles ruling the chart.Just roughly flip your hair and finger comb it when damp. This is all you need to do to go out with your friends. You can carry any length of hair with this style.

Try these styles and give an easy DIY look to your dull and regular hair. These are simple and best for any “all of a sudden” plans with your friends. You need not got to the salon to get these simple yet classy looks. Grab your mobile and open a youtube tutorial on simple DIY hairstyles and you are all set.


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