Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Cocktail Dress

What are cocktail parties exactly? That’s self-explanatory. It’s a party where cocktails and other alcoholic drinks are served in abundance. But for Indians, a cocktail party doesn’t need to be held separately. We love our social/family gatherings and alcoholic drinks are there in abundance. But cocktail parties are also held in a corporate capacity and the purpose there is to have fun but also to mingle around professionally. So the question now is- what to wear to these cocktail parties.

Cocktail parties or dates are common but the dresses you can wear are less than that. There are a lot of extraordinary dresses to choose from and that makes it difficult to select. There are ones with different styles, colors, fabrics, etc. Moreover, not every cocktail party is the same and there are some which have special themes according to which people have to dress up. So you will need different dresses in this case. Here’s how to choose which cocktail dress which will be right for you:

Shoulder Styling

When it comes to any dress, wear one which compliments your body type. The right shoulder design will draw more emphasis to your face, neck, and shoulders. Here are some examples:

  • Wear cap sleeves if you have broad shoulders. This will ensure that your shoulders are a bit
  • If you have narrow shoulders then having a halter neck design will work better for you. It will
    make your narrow shoulders look wider.

Different designs complement different body types. So you should go for the one which suits your type. If don’t want to worry about shoulders then just wear a jacket.

Dress Length

Dress length is important since there are two dress styles. One rests just above the knees. While the other touches the floor. The former is best if you want to look like you have a slimmer body. This is because the knee-length dress will draw attention to your legs and not your waist. The floor-length dress will work for you if you don’t want to draw attention to your legs. Also if you are going for a black- tie event then it’s better to opt for a full floor-length dress. For casual events, knee-length or a little lower will be fine.

Shoes And Accessories

Always choose high heels instead of flats. The heels will give you height and style. The heels can be both open-toed or closed-toe. Both work in formal or informal events. Also, pair up your dress with a nude or sheer black hosiery. It will prevent your legs from looking bare especially if you are wearing a knee-length dress. When it comes to necklaces, wear a long necklace is you are wearing a V-line dress. For round neck ones, wear a short chain (must be around 15 inches or lesser).

Sleeve Length

There are no such unspoken rules which dictate the sleeve length of your cocktail dress. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Both dress lengths work well with sleeves as well as sleeveless so you don’t need to worry at all.

Cover Up Or Coat?

There’s a simple way to decide this and it’s by the time. If the party will finish off late then bring a coat but if it will finish early then a wrap will work well. If you feel like it will be too cold then carry a light formal jacket. Overall, wear anything that will ensure that you will not freeze to death. These are not rigid rules that you have to follow. Wear the kind of dress which suits you the most and one that you love the most. You will have way more fun at the party if you feel confident and love what
you wear.


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