Sleeveless Sweater & Cap: Most Desired Piece Of Autumn-winter Fashion Trend

Revival of the 70s, the sleeveless sweater takes off and slips into the wardrobe of fashionable girls. Cap on the prettiest models, to shop for the fall. With seventies accents and an obsolete look at first glance, the sleeveless sweater is a trend to rub shoulders with. Because under its air of anachronistic breastplate hides a fashion piece acclaimed by all the girls who punctuate fashion. Editors, designers, it girls, but also Instagrammers combine their stylistic grammar by proudly showing off their sleeveless sweater, ideal for keeping a foot in summer while letting yourself be worn in autumn.


Drawing its inspiration in the dressing room fashion 70s , sleeveless sweater, however, a background all the more fascinating. Called “tank top” in Great Britain, in reference to the “tank suit” worn by swimmers of the 1900s to which it is related, this singular knitwear is making a strong comeback to the forefront of the fashion scene, after forced exile.

For the charm to operate, wear it over an oversized white shirt , a soberly styled dress, directly against the skin, or underneath a layering of clothes. It’s all about having fun! Drawn from the men’s locker room, sleeveless knitting is featured this season on the silhouettes of trendy girls and female catwlaks. Focus on this surprising fashion gimmick.

Sleeveless to acclimatize to good weather , the bib sweater has come a long way (and in force) to appear on the most prominent stylists and fashionistas. At its peak, this trend invaded the streets at a time when the whole of Milan followed the Fashion Week parades with a frantic pace . Unexpectedly, the iconic sleeveless sweater from the 70s now inspires designers who manage to bring it up to date without any false notes. From Miuccia Prada to Sophie Delafontaine, artistic director of the Longchamp house, there is only one step, or one sweater! Slipped over a monogrammed jumpsuit or adjoining flowing dresses, sleeveless knitwear can be seen over various clothes for the charm to operate.


On the Great Britain side, the English call it “ tank top ”, in reference to the “ tank suit ” swimmers of the 1900s, to which it is related. And it was during the seventies that the sleeveless sweater was all the rage among men who subsequently declined it in a sporty version for tennis, golf and cricket. A bit kitsch , this anachronistic fashion piece, is perfect for this season, which is sunnier than expected. While you dread sending your ribbed knit back to the closet, sleeveless knitwear is the right alternative for taking a smooth step into spring without catching a cold.


If it seems difficult to understand, the cape is nevertheless suitable for all body types . The little ones will prefer a short jacket which will lengthen their silhouette, while the taller ones will dare the cape in the maxi version. Skilfully belted , or worn with ease, the cape goes well with (almost) all styles of clothing and accessories. We will remember boots with heels, like lace-up ankle boots and thigh-high boots, which go brilliantly with long capes. Conversely, if we play the short card, let’s make cowboy boots and sneakers our best allies to boost the minimalist look of the cape.

On the clothing side, the cape works with a shirt dress, a sweater dress, flared jeans and a skirt , which will highlight the footwork. But that’s not all, the more seasoned can wear it without anything underneath to make it the flagship piece of the outfit. More than a must-have , the cape gives us a taste of the woolen cloth coat and is considered in a more fashionable way.


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