Styling Tips For Fat Thighs

Having fat thighs might be not a great thing sometimes because of the reserved options we have for styling. All of us have flaws and areas that are not very flattering, we try to cover them up with different types of outfits. sometimes these things make you feel less attractive and make you uncomfortable. If you are someone who has fat thighs then don’t worry, be 100% confident. Wear the right kind of outfits that will help you show the best part of your body and make you feel confident enough to stand up in the crowd.

having a big and beautiful body with curves is something that we all should be proud of but sometimes it may trouble us, because of the limited styling options. But there are certain tips and tricks that have worked wonders for people and might help you as well. Choosing your outfit wisely is one among them, choosing for the right color, proportion, and fit is the most important as it will give your body a perfect look and help you in maintaining the balance of your body. So if you are looking to make your thighs look slimmer or just want to pick up the right outfit, we are here for you:

1. High waisted pants

High waisted pants are in fashion for a long time now, this suits all kinds of body shape. If you are someone who wants to pick up the right outfit then there is nothing better than a good fitted high waisted pants. It will go with almost any kind of tops, blouses and even with kurtas.

2. Wide leg trousers

Flared or wide-leg trousers are something that is specially designed for heavy thighs, they are not only comfortable but also provide you with a style and help you achieve that chic look. You can pair a wide leg trouser with blouses or you can also go for Indian wear like short kurta and umbrella cut tops.

3. A-line skirts

Honestly, pencil skirts are not the one for you, if you want to add skirts to your wardrobe then go for either a-line skirts or round skirts, this will help you create volume and not make your shape visible. They will make your legs and your body look slimmer instantly.

4. Perfect fit denim

Denim can never go wrong if you have a pair that fits you well and hugs your body. It will flatter just the right kind of curves and help you look slimmer and taller. You can tuck your top in order to accentuate your figure and draw the attention to the right areas of your body.

5. Vertical striped pants/skirts

Vertical stripes are no more a secret, everybody knows that vertical stripes make you look taller and slimmer. Go for vertical striped pants, skirts and even dresses this will create an illusion of a slimmer waist. Top it up with some bold colored shirt and a blazer.

6. Bold colored pants

Colors definitely play a very important role in putting up an outfit, adding bold colors to your outfit will hide the extra layer of fat and make you look slimmer. Whereas light colors might add up and make you look even bigger and heavier.

7. Flowy outfits

Wearing outfits that are easy breezy and flowy will help you in attaining a perfect look. Go for outfits that can work with your body, wearing flowy dresses or skirt will increase the volume and divert the attention. You can always opt for maxi skirts or dress, these will instantly make your curves look beautiful.


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