Stylish Women Swear By This Styling Trick

Are you a real chilblains and your toes always freeze right when you leave the house? We have found a boot trick that will give us really warm feet. Brrr, it feels like it’s below zero and we make ourselves comfortable on the couch in the winter months with cozy knitted sweaters and a thick pair of cuddly socks . But unfortunately we have to go outside into the cold every now and then. Then it’s time to get out of your cuddly socks and into your boots .

These may look super stylish, but the icy temperatures also call for appropriate footwear. Since we want to put our feet in the limelight during the cold season, but at the same time don’t want to freeze, it is often a dilemma. Because it can be really difficult to reconcile form and function. When the temperatures drop below 10 degrees, it’s time to bring out the big guns and wrap up your feet in style, but warm. That’s why we peeked at the fashionistas on the social platform Instagram and found out which boot trick they use for a stylish and warm appearance.

This boot trick gives us warm feet

The current situation has numerous boot trends ready: from overknees , riding boots , models with chain details or with thick soles. All these models look incredibly fashionable, but in most cases they don’t keep you very warm. Fortunately, stylish women now present us on Instagram, which trick we can use to boot through the cold season in a fashion-conscious yet warm way . In the past we have already been able to find out which trick makes our winter outfit look more expensive , or how we can cheat ourselves in no time .

But so we don’t get on our beloved boots Having to do without, but still not freezing, we have now found that one does not exclude the other. We don’t want to keep you tortured any longer: Fashion blogger Maxine Eggenberg, who lives in Edinburgh, swears by shearling lining, i.e. lambskin lining in the form of an insert in boots, so that you can wear stylish boots without having to freeze your feet. For this she often buys boots one size larger in order to have enough space to place them.

This trick is particularly recommended if you want to make existing boots a little more cozy and they still offer some space. However, if this is not the case for you, you are welcome to fall back on already lined winter boots. Shearling boots with lambskin lining guarantee not only a comfortable fit and warm feet, but also a stylish appearance. Fashion bloggers like Hanna Dozdova or Shalice Joel can’t get enough of the boots.

The fluffy fur creates a warm air chamber in the shoe and protects the feet from cooling down. In addition to the lining, the upper material is also important. It should be as water-repellent as possible and have few seams through which the water can penetrate. A non-slip sole, which protects well from below, as well as a high shaft, which also keeps the feet warm, are also not wrong. Since the shoes are exposed to salt and water, they should be well waterproofed. Lined boots can quickly become a bit chunky, so it’s all the more important to combine them correctly.

In the office, we like to go for a cool outfit consisting of straight leg leather pants with a white turtleneck and an oversized blazer. On the other hand, it gets cozy in combination with mom jeans , a Norwegian sweater and a teddy coat . A playful contrast could also be a midi skirt with a camel sweater.So: put on your lined boots, now you have no more excuses for the cold.

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