These Are The Fashion Trends For 2021

Due to the pandemic, the fashion shows and trends presentations for 2021 could not take place as usual this year. But most designers have shown their collections to the public as a film or live stream. So we are well informed about which trends are coming, which ones will stay with us and what will no longer work next year. Here we have put together the most important fashion trends for 2021.

Fashion trend for the winter: Combat boots

Combat boots are a trend that is already being worn and will certainly be carried over into 2021. This is understood to mean chunky boots with or without lacing that have a thick sole. They are usually worn in dark colors such as black, gray or dark red and are combined with jeans and sweaters as well as dresses. Chunky boots have already become established over the past few years, but this winter they are a little more noticeable. Of course we wear these boots because we like them visually. However, in some cases there is also a political statement behind wearing the heavy combat boots . Regardless of the reason you wear them, the cool boots will remain an absolute fashion trend in the coming year.

A fashion trend that remains: Oversize

Even if men don’t know what to do with this trend , women love it. The oversize trend will continue in 2021. Regardless of whether it is coats, blazers, jackets or sweaters, all of these items will be worn in plus sizes in the new season. Muted colors are just as popular as bright colors and checked patterns. Wide trousers are also a fashion trend for the coming year. Both jeans and trousers no longer sit tight, but are preferred with wide legs and high waistlines.

Shoulder pads and puffed sleeves keep coming back

If they have now disappeared from the scene for a few years, the 80s will greet you again in 2021. Puff sleeves were already well represented in 2020. These will be even bigger and bigger in the coming year and will return to our wardrobes in the form of balloon sleeves. In contrast to the previous year, you don’t just wear blouses with balloon sleeves, but jackets and coats as well. And it’s not just the sleeves that are big for the coming year. With shoulder pads, a fashion trend returns that we have seen several times and will probably see again and again. XXL shoulders not only look good on jackets, coats and blouses, but will also be worn on clothes in the coming season.

Stylish in the home office and outside

One change brought about by the corona pandemic is that more and more people are working from home. The difficulty is in dressing comfortably and still suitable for the office. This has resulted in a new trend that began in 2020: the new loungewear. If you used to think of baggy jogging pants and colorful, childish prints, the new pieces are a skilful combination of elegance and comfort. This resulted in looks that you can use to make yourself comfortable at your desk at home, but are always well dressed for a video call. The elegant sweatpants.

Cut-outs and bralettes – less is more

We already know the naked trend from this year and this fashion trend will remain with us in 2021. It is in complete contrast to the oversize trend, but can also be combined with it. So you can wear your bralette or sports bra under an oversize blazer, combine the whole thing with wide trousers with a high waistband and thus create a stylish everyday outfit. If the bralette is a bit too naked for you, you can pull a top underneath. And even with dresses, cut-outs will show a lot of skin in 2021.

Colors for the fashion trends 2021

The absolute trend colors for 2021 are white and beige. Above all, the white dress will not only be an eye-catcher for brides in summer 2021. In addition, bright colors will be worn in the coming season. Orange, blue and green are in the foreground and can be styled as highlights, but also as complete outfits.
If you are bored with monochrome garments, there is another fashion trend in 2021: patterns! It doesn’t matter whether it’s polka dots, stripes or batik, patterns are all the rage in the coming year. It is best to mix several patterns together to make a fashion statement.


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