The Best Fashion Tips For Women With An Androgynous Figure

Androgynous women with a so-called H-shape – i.e. sporty and angular in shape above and below – often have the problem with clothing that they tend to look more masculine with many styles. We will show you which cuts, fabrics and tricks you are attracted to in a feminine and beneficial way despite your androgynous physique.┬áLarge, slim, sporty: women with a figure that is referred to in the type consultation as the H type have the prerequisites for any styling variant. Because as an androgynous type, basically all cuts, fabrics and clothing are available to you, and fashion trends can also be implemented perfectly. However, some women of this type miss the female curves, which are often not or only slightly present on an androgynous body. Certain styles make small and medium-sized women with an androgynous build look boyish and childish.

With certain fashion tricks, however, you can cheat a feminine silhouette very simply and stylishly – or even give your edgy figure more attention with trend pieces and extravagant cuts. Because as a woman with an H-figure, you have to choose one of two style variants – either you emphasize your slim, sporty figure with the right parts even more or you distract from it and highlight your feminine side. We show you the do’s and don’ts for women with an androgynous figure – for both styling preferences.

Styling do’s for women with an androgynous figure

Waisted bottoms

If, as a woman with an androgynous figure, you would like to have more feminine curves, it is important to create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette with clothing. You can do this by highlighting your barely or sparsely existing waist – with tailored cuts and high-waist pants or skirts with a high-cut waistband. Skirts and trousers in an A-line are particularly advantageous for simulating curves: flared, Marlene or Palazzo trousers. So-called paperback trousers – which get their name from the waistband, which is reminiscent of a laced paper bag – flatter the H-type and cheat a waist. You can emphasize the curves on the hips with a feminine pencil skirt with a high waist. Styling tip: For balanced proportions with tailored bottoms, insert the tops.

Voluminous tops

In order to keep the proportions of tailored bottoms harmonious despite your sporty upper body, use tops that create volume for a balanced mix. These include Carmen tops, shirts with voluminous sleeves such as puffed sleeves, tops with submarine cutouts or draped shirts and wrap tops.

Retro dresses

The cut of classic dresses suits androgynous women with a desire for more femininity: dresses with a hint of retro – for example in the style of the 50s – are usually characterized by a stressed waist, sweeping, swinging skirts and a shape that is so coveted hourglass silhouette is modeled. Your waistline is further emphasized with a thin belt as an accessory that focuses on your waistline.

Tight plus loose

If you have no or only a little pronounced waist, you can play around with a simple styling trick: wear the combination of a loose-fitting part and a tight-fitting garment – for example a figure-hugging top with a V-neck that emphasizes the chest, with high-waisted Marlene trousers made from a flowing fabric. Combined with a blazer and sling ballerinas, this look is also wonderfully suitable for the office or suitable for elegant occasions.

Feminine details

If you want to create more femininity optically: Wear typical feminine clothing! While feminine women with very feminine details such as frills, ruffles, ruffles or lace can look disadvantageous, you can discover this fashion for yourself. For androgynous women, the details mentioned or bows and drapes are ideal – in combination with a rather simple bottom part, a peplum blouse creates the hourglass that is desirable for you and also suggests a waist where there is little.

Trench coats

For women with an H- shape, a trench coat is the perfect jacket or coat cut: thanks to the characteristic waist belt, you can also emphasize a narrow waist. Details such as patch pockets, epaulettes and buttons ensure balanced proportions on the upper body so that they don’t look too edgy or masculine. Short trenches or classic models with a large lapel are particularly advantageous.

Deep V-necklines

While women with more bust sizes should be careful with deep insights, you can show skin particularly well here. Long sleeves and T-shirts, dresses and blouses with a deep V-neck lengthen the neckline, emphasize the cleavage and provide a touch of elegant sensuality.

Patterns and colors

Please have the courage to do color experiments and extravagant patterns! With plaids, dot patterns, floral prints, horizontal stripes or graphic patterns, you emphasize your upper half of the body and pretend more bust size. You don’t have to hold back when it comes to colors either: Dare color blocking and colorful looks.

Patch pockets

A-line dresses with patch pockets are a great office look for androgynous women. The extra detail of the pockets break the rigid lines of the simple dress and create more shape. Great combination partner: a short, slightly boxy-cut blazer jacket and kitten heels.

Waist belt

Many stylists advise women with an H-shape to avoid waist belts – but skilfully combined you can make excellent use of the effect of the accessories. Styling tip: For a modern office look, wear a blazer with a narrow lapel with pleated trousers and pumps with a small heel. A slim leather belt at waist level gives your outfit more contour. This tip on fashionable blazer vests and light men’s-style coats works just as well.

Styling don’ts for women with an androgynous figure

Stressed shoulders

You should avoid angular blazers, shoulder pads and cap sleeves (very short sleeves that protrude slightly): these details emphasize your already broad shoulder area and make it look even more edgy.

Monochrome looks

Dress combinations that are completely in dark colors such as gray, dark green, navy blue or black make your stature look even more edgy and masculine. Combinations of a patterned top with plain trousers or a neutral skirt are better.

Heeled pumps

If you don’t want to do without heels despite your size and body shape, you should still do without chunky heels such as block heels – these only reinforce your edgy, masculine side. Narrow heels look more feminine.


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