The Biggest Autumn And Winter Trends

When summer slowly draws to a close, and the online shops gradually add warmer items – the same questions arise as every year: Which colors are the must-haves for autumn or winter ? Which materials are absolutely “in” and which it-piece should definitely hang in the closet? This year there are of course blog posts about autumn and winter trends. This starts with a first rough overview and a few outfit suggestions I have already worn.

You see, again this year not everything is completely new in fashion. We already carried some of the current autumn and winter trends in 2017 in 2016. That means we don’t have to buy everything new, but can easily wear one or the other part from last season – maybe just in a different combination 🙂 However, some of the trends are actually new. For this I will create and shoot explicit and new trend looks for you in the coming weeks, so that you can see how certain trends work and can be implemented in everyday life. Today, however, we will start off with a first rough overview. So you know which trends should be on the radar and what you might be able to keep an eye out for during your weekend shopping. Here they are for you, the current autumn and winter trends

Trend colors

When it comes to colors, this autumn with khaki , a strong red , but also burgundy, you are absolutely right! In my opinion, all colors that actually suit every skin and hair type and can therefore be easily worn by any of us. If you want to notice it a bit, try this autumn with lilac , yellow or pink. Because warm colors also belong to the cold season! Important here: you don’t always have to be immersed in a color from head to toe. Often a key piece in the trendy color is enough to make an look interesting. So no matter whether red shoes, khaki pants or pink coat. You alone determine how strongly a trend should dominate your look.

Trend pattern

In addition to the trend colors, the coming season also has a lot of patterns to offer! This is the best way to get checked this season – preferably also in a not so classic, but extremely modern variant: the gray / white check . The floral patterns can be taken over in the fall – as you know, I am not a friend of too much dark clothing and that’s why I am all the more pleased that we continue to be in trend with colorful patterns. The striped look in the form of pants, sweater, blouse or whatever else you can find in the closet is also preserved. For whom of you it may be a little more excited, he will combine different patterns in the coming months, according to the motto: Mix and Match! :

Trend materials

Whether velvet, satin, (suede) leather, wool or cord – pretty much anything goes this fall & winter. With exciting materials you can easily set an eye-catcher and give your outfit that certain something. If you are not yet 100% sure about styling, you can implement the trend super with accessories such as a velvet bag (you will find my favorite bag here ) or shoes and thereby enhance your own look. For the brave, now is the time to look at the mix of materialsto dare to combine wildly, to try out a lot and to find out what makes you feel most comfortable. I personally love the mix of rather noble materials such as satin and coarse wool variants. In this way, chic materials are suitable for everyday use without looking overdressed.

Trend cuts

When it comes to cuts, this year’s autumn & winter trends are a bit “back to the roots”. That means? Shoulder pads ! Yes, you heard that right. In addition, the long-underrated two-piece suit, which is considered to be bourgeois, is coming back! Whoop! It is reinterpreted by oversize cuts or suits like culotte to blazer and no longer just belongs in the office with absolutely modern looks. You can find a large selection of two-piece sets here in my recently published trend report on the topic of pantsuits. Cozy hoodies & XXL coats are still worth your investment. In addition, the layering look should alsodefinitely be worn this year – a classic that, thank God, will be preserved. I personally love the layered look, because the many layers are perfectly prepared for winter, you can take off individual layers super practically if necessary and are also dressed absolutely stylish. Extra tip : Here you can play super with different shades of a color family.

Trend accessories

My favorite accessories for the cold season are headgear this year . Beanies, hats or caps play a big role this season and keep your heads warm! And otherwise? As you know, most of my clothes are rather loose and so as not to “sink” into oversized sweaters and wide blouses, I like to combine a simple waist belt like this one from Dior. So you can also show figure in further cut parts. Waist belts are celebrating their “comeback” this autumn & winter as a fashion accessory. My absolute trend favorite for the coming months is definitely the sock boots- Skin-tight stretch ankle boots that visually lengthen the leg. And of course the XXL wool scarf is going again this year


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