The Delicate Pastel Colors Of Prairie Chic

Dear fashion lovers, we find ourselves finding ourselves dreaming a lot lately. What are our daydreams about? Of the beautiful and endless prairie, of wild nature, breathtaking sunsets – and of pretty blousons in candy colors, casual jeans, floral embroidery and soft cotton shirts. Yes, you read that right: prairie chic is currently moving into our wardrobes and, thanks to the mixture of practical basics and modern influences, is also the trend of the season at Laura Kent . Discover the highlights of the current collection and ride relaxed towards the sunset on the fashion horizon.

The new dream couple: sporty blouson meets floral elements

The highlight: and it’s done for us! The sporty, casual blouson by Laura Kent in the trendy color of salmon really impressed us. Its straight fit allows many possible combinations and the sloping flap pockets as well as the ribbed cuffs on the hem and round neckline make the model a fashionable companion that we can throw on on balmy summer evenings in no time.The basics: As a romantic and playful counterpart to the sporty blouson, the fine tunic by Laura Kent in the natural color ecru provides a nice contrast. The floral embroidery makes this shirt something special and gives us a little hippie flair in everyday life. In order to stay on the bottom of the, in this case, prairie, we rely on the tight-fitting slip-fit ​​leggings that allow us to move comfortably through the day thanks to the elastic cotton quality.

The accessories: Our tip: For the accessories, use subtle powder tones to underline the natural look of the pastel trend. Purse, lipstick and Co. can be stowed particularly well in the rose-colored handbag from Tamaris . Set sparkling accents with fine jewelry in rose gold and the elegant wristwatch from »Meister Anker , in which small crystals on the strap and dial create a magical glitter on your wrist.

No-gos: The modern prairie style is particularly characterized by the harmonious coexistence of opposites. So we prefer to wear chic wedge sandals to the casual blouson instead of practical sneakers. Thanks to the softly padded insole, these are (almost) just as comfortable to wear as your favorite sneakers – which you can still switch to after a long night.

Attention to detail: fashionable eye-catchers with that certain something

The highlight: a perfectly fitting pair of jeans belongs in every well-stocked wardrobe, don’t you think? To extend your wardrobe with a particularly beautiful copy, we recommend the taupe jeans by Laura Kent . The slim-fit model convinces with so many fine details that we transport it from the basic piece directly to the highlight of the outfit and are pleased with the great oil-dyed coloring, the decorative stones and the elaborate sequin ornament.The basics: Simple, subtle shirts that we don’t want to do without in our hectic everyday life are also indispensable. Thrown on quickly, they complete every look and can be easily styled with accessories. For the modern prairie style, the Laura Kent shirt in soft pastel colors is the ideal choice, as it uses elements from nature with its delicate floral embroidery. In addition, the soft jersey quality ensures great wearing comfort – what more could you want?

The accessories: We advise you to use simple accessories for this look – then it can be a bit more noticeable on the feet! Wedge sandals can be comfortably worn due to the fashionable platform sole and are a nice eye-catcher due to the cork look of the heel. This model in a combination of antique rose and metallic goes particularly well with the casual jeans in used look. And because rose complements the prairie look so wonderfully, the multi-row bracelet and the chain with the cute pendant also go perfectly with the outfit. Equipped with a jade ball as head and a striking sequin ornament on the skirt, the pretty figure is a real eye-catcher on your neck.

No-gos: Our tip: Use a small handbag for this look, because large, eye-catching shoppers steal the show from the detailed components of the outfit. The shoulder bag from Aimee in rose gold corresponds more to the lightness of the prairie style. And there is guaranteed enough space for the bare essentials in the fashionable piece of jewelry made of high-quality goat leather.

Do you like this fashion mix of lightness and pretty details as much as we do? Then we have one last little tip ready for you: choose a subtle make-up for the prairie trend and use nude and powder tones on your lids, cheeks and lips. These ensure a fresh complexion and underline your natural side. We hope you enjoy shopping and running!


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