The Most Beautiful Jewelry Trends 2020

The 6 most beautiful jewelry trends : I love love love jewelry and everyone who knows me knows that I hang myself with lots of different pieces every day and love to upgrade my looks. Whether rings, chains, earrings or bracelets – my jewelry palettes are filled to the brim and new, pretty pieces are regularly added. But what jewelry trends are there currently? What kind of jewelry shouldn’t be missing in any jewelry cabinet at the moment? I’ll tell you today, because I researched the top 6 jewelry trends for you in 2020 and staged them in the form of a small photo shoot, I’m curious how you like the result and of course the individual trends?

Coin jewelry

One of my current favorite jewelry trends is coins! Already last year you could find a few pieces of jewelry with coins and coins, but the trend did not really arrive until this year. No wonder that it can be worn anywhere and in all shapes at the moment. I personally prefer gold coin jewelry because I think it looks high quality and noble. In any case, golden jewelry looks extremely good on tanned skin in summer. My current jewelry favorites with coins come from Aigner. I also have a matching chain and belt for this bracelet. All in all it may be a bit much, but two of the three pieces can definitely be put together or you can mix them with other pieces of jewelry

Shell jewelry

Shell jewelry is at least as trendy as coin jewelry this year – jewelry that is inspired by the sea and has symbols such as shells, snail shells or starfish. This trend actually happened three or four years ago and until recently I also had an XL starfish bracelet. Unfortunately, I sold it at our last flea market, but I have now bought a small, sweet starfish ring. In addition to rings, I am currently flirting with a chain. I have linked even more beautiful pieces of shell jewelry to you to buy directly

Asymmetrical earrings

Well, half-asleep picking the wrong pair of earrings this morning? No, that’s what you wear now! Because instead of wearing two identical earrings together, we mix in 2020 and, for example, wear a long and a short earring or mix two completely different earring types. The advantage? You don’t actually have to dig deep into your wallet, you just have to sift through your existing jewelry collection. There you will surely find two pairs of earrings that you can mix together and thus implement the trend. If not, I have linked you the most beautiful asymmetrical earrings from the online shops

Jewelry with faces

A mix of art and modernism awaits us with this 2020 jewelry trend. Abstracted faces are currently an indispensable accessory in the fashion sector and appear not only in the form of prints on clothing, but also in the form of earrings or chains. I have compiled the most beautiful models for you below.

Vintage & classic jewelry

Oh wow, is that an heirloom? This question could soon be asked to us more often, because vintage jewelry such as signet rings or large retro earrings are a big jewelry trend in 2020. The best? If you have relatives in your family who are enthusiastic about jewelry, you may find something in your jewelry box with grandma and grandpa, aunt or uncle. With a little luck, you can find real classics that just always go and that never lose their value over the years.
One of these classics is, for example, the “Cartier Love” jewelry series. There is no question that a large investment is taking place here, which usually cannot be made overnight. However, with such jewelry you have a real classic that never loses its value and that you can also bequeath to your grandchildren or children. For the inexpensive alternative, you can also look for cool vintage jewelry at the flea market.

Pearl jewelry

Last but not least: the classic. Pearls. If there is a jewelry trend that never feels out of fashion, it is pearl jewelry. The difference from before? A few years ago, pearls were considered to be bourgeois and old-fashioned, which was due not least to the fact that our great-grandmothers carried out their string of pearls, which were pulled in rows and rows, for every family celebration and combined them in a color-coded costume made of skirt and blazer. Those days are over! In 2020 pearl jewelry is much more modern and cool on the go. Here is the proof!


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