These Are The 5 Biggest Earring Trends Of The Year

Do you love jewelry and especially earrings? Then watch out! We present the five most beautiful earring trends and tell you where you can shop the trend pieces. New trends keep appearing on the fashion radar not only in fashion, but also in jewelry. That’s why we took a look around on Instagram and in the shops and looked for the latest earring trends. And so much can already be revealed: The new pieces of jewelry are absolutely impressive and make every look, no matter how boring, immediately more stylish.

Earring trend 1: hoop earrings in different sizes

Hoop earrings are back and more fashionable than ever. Because the current favorite pieces of jewelry of the blogger girls have been given a stylish update and they now come in all conceivable shapes and sizes. Whether big, small, thick, thin, with small pendants or rhinestones – we are sure: the round hoops will not go away anytime soon. By the way, pieces in gold are particularly popular, several of which are worn side by side in different sizes. Looks great especially with suntanned skin .

Earring trend 2: chain earrings

Another big jewelry trend this year: chain earrings. They now go really well with our coarse link chains and are definitely a fashion statement. Pieces with thick, large links in gold are particularly popular, but filigree models that wind from one ear hole to the other are currently in great demand. Since the accessories are eye-catching enough, they are best combined with simple basic looks – for example jeans , T-shirts and sneakers. So that the overall look doesn’t look too cluttered, it is best to style the chain earrings solo or together with other jewelry pieces. On the other hand, you should rather avoid large shell jewelry or pearls.

Earring Trend 3: Rectangular Hoop Earrings

Who says hoop earrings always have to be round? Fashion professionals show how it is done and show that hoop earrings can have rough edges. Rectangular hoop earrings are the perfect alternative for everyone for whom the classic hoops are simply too boring. They look classy and at the same time a little edgy and go particularly well with elegant looks (e.g. slip dress + strappy sandals ).

Earring Trend 4: Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs were already a big thing last year and will remain at the top of the fashion podium this year as well. No wonder, after all, the little ear clips are quite impressive, and the best thing about them: you don’t even need a real ear hole for this accessory trend. Ear cuffs are simply attached to the outer auricle and can be adjusted in size by bending them slightly. There are both simple rings and models with rhinestones or pearls. The fashion girls prefer to wear an ear cuff as a fake conch or as an alternative to a pierced helix piercing .

Earring trend 5: earrings in extravagant shapes

Are you bored of hoop earrings and simple stud earrings? Then this earring trend is definitely something for you: Earrings in new and extravagant shapes. These include, for example, the currently very popular pieces of jewelry in the form of a safety pin, but also elongated plugs that sometimes snake up the entire earlobe. Also trendy: earrings that look like they’re hooked into the lower auricle. In contrast to ear cuffs, however, these trend pieces usually require an ear hole. The blogger’s favorite: cross-shaped models.

Styling tip: You can’t decide between all the trend pieces? Then do it like the influencers. They have not only worn two earrings on their earlobes for a long time, but quite a lot. With the curated ear trend, many different earrings and piercings are simply combined with one another. It looks extremely stylish and is guaranteed to be eye-catching.


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