These Clothes Elegant Women Would Never Wear

There are all sorts of styles that women like to wear and that we stick to. And with the elegant ladies, we asked ourselves which pieces they would never wear. You can find out the answer here. Every day we see and meet the most varied and diverse types of women in life. There are the stylish fashionistas , the sporty girls and the cool and casual it girls. Over time, each of them will find their perfect style and of course build their own wardrobe on it. On the one hand, there are parts that you definitely always have in your wardrobe as basics and that form the basis of your look.

On the other hand, there are also certain pieces that you would never buy .Since we have already written here in general what the modern trendsetters definitely do not wear, we will now tell you which pieces the elegant style icons would NEVER wear . Be curious, because you will find a lot here, from a puffer jacket that is too short to shoes that are reminiscent of health slippers. When it comes to the choice of jackets, there is a huge selection and variety. Of course, elegant women have some absolute favorite models hanging in their closets.

But what they would not wear at all are gaudy, too short cut down variants aka puffer jackets . You can cross these models off your shopping list, because firstly, they make you look wider than you really are, and secondly, they make every noble outfit look less elegant in no time due to the sporty style. Stylish ladies prefer to invest in classic long blazers or a long wool coat in muted colors such as gray, blue, black or also currently absolutely trendy in white and cream tones .

Cropped tops

Even if this top is sexy and in great demand, especially in summer, women with an elegant style would definitely not wear cropped tops. Since they also look serious and mysterious at the same time, this top absolutely never fits their look. Because they reveal too much of themselves. The stylish ladies prefer very simple basic shirts, which all French women also rely on or wear light bow-tie blouses and classic shirts. The top priority, however, is: Don’t show too much skin.


It is super comfortable, quick and easy to combine and makes perfect for an XXL shirt or oversize sweater. Nevertheless, the stylish women would never wear leggings because they look way too casual. Then they prefer to wear wide palazzo trousers , flared jeans or an elegant pleated midi skirt , which are just as comfortable due to their soft materials and wide cuts. In addition, these variants look much more chic and conjure up a great, narrow silhouette with a blouse and a maxi coat .


A bag model should of course not be missing on the no-go list of elegant women. That would be the backpack. You would never – whether small or large – carry it on your back, not even by your hand. Instead, they combine either designer handbags like the classic “2.55” from Chanel or it-bags with chain handles or straps. If you need a little more space to stow your utensils, you can opt for a simple leather shopper .

Trekking sandals

When it comes to footwear, women with a noble style also have their it-pieces and no-gos. Which model will never find its way onto your shelf are definitely trekking sandals, because with their Velcro fastener and wide footbed, they look much too bulky and robust and are anything but chic. The ladies prefer to wear filigree sling-back pumps, boots with a wide shaft such as slouchy boots or the trendy block heel ankle boots . They prefer their designs in cognac tones, a classic black or with animal prints to ensure a real eye-catcher.

Well, did you get a taste for it and want to change your style a little , for example away from too much color and details and towards a simple, minimalist wardrobe? Then let yourself be inspired by the elegant women and our picture gallery with pieces for after-shopping and keep these five no-gos in mind. And remember the beautiful and appropriate quote from Coco Chanel : ” Fashion is ephemeral. Style never!


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