These Questions Keep Coming Up When Buying Jeans

The search for the perfect pair of jeans can be frustrating – but once we find them, it makes up for all the hardships. Because jeans are loyal companions that make our lives easier, less complicated and more beautiful all round. We answer your questions about the topic, because there are a few things to consider when buying and maintaining:

Are there the right jeans for ME too?

No body is perfect – each of us has probably had the feeling that one or the other part of our body does not want to completely match the beautiful rest. Too much belly, too much butt, too little butt, legs too short, legs too long, an unusual relationship between belly, buttocks and leg length: the problems take on very diverse forms.

But there are also many solutions to these problems. Because yes: there is the right pair of jeans for every body. It is only a matter of trying and trying on. For this, like to order different cuts at home, take your time to try them on and – importantly – move in front of the mirror. Anyone who crouches or pulls up their legs will notice much faster whether the fit and material are right for them. Cropped or long, different waist heights and stretch portions – it is worth not giving up until the right jeans are found.

The thing with the crunchy bottom … What do I have to watch out for?

An adorable backside can be so adorable – in ill-fitting pants it will never look as good as it could. A lot has to do with the placement and size of the back pockets.┬áBecause it applies: Small bags also make our bottom look smaller, while we can cheat a full-looking butt with large bags. If you want to help even more, you can also use trousers with a push-up effect. We say: PO LA LA!

what color fits my legs?

The well-known fashion rule also applies to jeans: dark colors make them slimmer than light ones. A simple, dark jeans without washing is therefore best suited to make the legs look slimmer. Those who find their legs too narrow can help out with light fabrics, washes and decorative elements. Good for us because we love embroidery and decorative stitching.

what to do about the muffin top effect?

Muffins belong in the belly, not on the hips. But if there is an unsightly edge on the waistband, this is almost exclusively due to the waist height being chosen too low. The simple solution: choose jeans that are cut higher. This is not only fashionable, but also very convenient. In addition, little helpers like an abdominal walk can work wonders.

I love my jeans, but you can always see the zipper. Why?

Trousers that we have had for a long time become sloppy and fade at some point, and the fabric creates an annoying fold over the fly so that the zipper is visible. A fact that should be remedied with good pants by ironing alone. Always note: never iron on the button side, otherwise the metal of the zipper will get too hot and burns can occur. Instead, the pants are unbuttoned and the side with the buttonhole is pulled smooth and ironed. Then the zipper should be hidden again.

How do I properly care for my jeans?

Jeans are generally washed too much in German households. With every wash, the jeans lose color and the fabric becomes thinner, which can be seen particularly impressively on the lint grid in the dryer. This is not good for the environment and for the longevity of our favorite jeans. Better: let the jeans air out well and occasionally put them in the freezer to kill bacteria. Getting used to, but clever!


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