Dresses For The Bride And Guests

The wedding season traditionally starts in May. Both the bride and all the wedding guests are now asking the big question about the perfect outfit. For the former it is important to find a dress in which she would like to spend one of the most beautiful days of her life. For the guests, this means wearing an evening dress that looks classy and elegant, but does not steal the bride’s show. We have researched the most important trends for 2019 for you and present them to you today. You can also find more ideas around the topic of wedding and what there is to consider as a guest on styles & stories.

Wedding dresses for the bride

For all brides who are still looking – we have the styles your wedding dreams are made of. From a cocktail dress to a floor-length wedding dress to a long blazer with pencil pants, nothing is left to be desired here. However, what you should definitely consider when choosing your wedding dress is the following: you are yourself! Choose an outfit that doesn’t make you feel disguised. For example, a bride who never chooses clothes in everyday life could also choose a trouser suit. We show you a selection of dreamy outfits for every style and taste.

In delicate rose for the wedding party

From flowers to table decorations and dresses: delicate rosé is one of the most popular wedding colors. And that’s no wonder. Pink acts like a mood enhancer and lets us shine from the inside. If you find a complete look in rosé too much of a good thing, you can combine the color with accessories in black or dark blue. Filigree pieces of jewelry in silver or gold complete the outfit without appearing overloaded.

Wedding 2019: overalls everywhere, ladies.

Which garment is totally comfortable and still emphasizes our curves? Clearly – the overall! Already in the 80s and 90s this was an absolute must-have! We are not surprised that everyone still loves him today. And it’s not only comfortable, it’s also incredibly versatile. Spring festival, shopping day, birthday party or club? There is a suitable jumpsuit for every occasion and even as a wedding guest you are optimally dressed. The good thing about it: you can still put it on after the party!

Sequins and gemstones: glittering evening dresses for wedding guests

Styles adorned with sequins and stones, mostly made of chiffon, are among the absolute wedding classics. And in summer 2019 it will sparkle and sparkle again. If you use the glitter details correctly, the look looks wonderfully elegant and chic. In order not to steal the show from the bride, however, you should make sure that the look does not appear to be overloaded. A dress shouldn’t be embroidered all over. A blouse, a skirt or a lace top, on the other hand, can stand out a little more. Simple trousers, tops and skirts go well with these glittering items.

Lace is lace: in delicate eye-catchers for the wedding

Everyone loves lace! A trend that never goes away. Whether lace blouse, dress or skirt, everyone can wear the delicate and beautiful material. The right tip is not too cute, but not too clean either. The perfect addition for an elegant, romantic and at the same time relaxed appearance. Everything seems to be possible in a lace dress. However, what you should note when it comes to lace is the following: Often lace tops are transparent. This is okay in the shoulder area, but the underwear should not flash through. Also, do not combine stripes or patterns into lace. The look comes into its own when the rest of the outfit is kept simple.

Once a princess: festive dresses in A-line

Dresses in the classic A-line should not be missing in any season either. This cut is particularly flattering for women with strong hips and a narrow waist. Beautiful cut-out shapes and narrow waists draw everyone’s attention to the decollete and the middle of the body, while the hips and thighs are delicately touched. If you don’t want to look girlish, you should choose simple accessories: shoes and bags in subtle colors, no jewelry at all or just pieces that don’t sparkle too much.

Wedding 2019: most beautiful dresses, more diverse than ever

As you can see, there are fantastic looks for every wedding again this year. Whether you decide on a cocktail dress, a pants suit or a skirt-top combination is of course up to you. The most important thing is: stay yourself, because you are beautiful as you are. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy your wedding party! If pink is too noticeable, you won’t go wrong with dark blue, gray or a warm color. The same applies to black if you combine the trousers or the skirt with a colored top and the dress with a colored blazer or jacket.


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