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The choice of the right outfit is a big topic for Patrick and me, especially at events. Often, the invitation also includes the prescribed dress code in the mailbox – but what does “casual”, “black tie” or “cocktail” actually mean? Most recently, I was concerned with the choice of outfit for our visit to a GQ event during Berlin Fashion Week. The dress code there: “Smart Casual”. For which look I finally decided, you can see and read here in this blog post. The right dress code is often of great importance, especially in business life or on official occasions. He should also be respected out of respect for the host.So that you are also properly dressed at your next event, I have put together a small dress code guide with the most important styling rules and dress code for you today

Dress code casual

The casual dress code often applies to informal after-hours invitations or to casual events. In this case, the dress style can be casual, casual and also a little more comfortable. Nevertheless, it is of course not a good idea to come to the event with sloppy pants and an oversized shirt. Instead, grab a chic top such as a high-quality top / shirt and a blouse in combination with long trousers (fine jeans are also allowed) or a skirt. A casual dress with a not too deep neckline is also possible. The shoes should be in line with the outfit, but can be with or without heels and closed or open.

Dress code smart casual

With the Smart Casual dress code, it is important to strike the right balance between nonchalance, light elegance and stylish appearance.It often applies to office clothing in young companies or is desired as upscale casual clothing at events such as a garden party. You can go with fashion, but you shouldn’t overdo the outfit. A pretty two-piece suit, i.e. skirt or trousers with a blouse, is ideal. A light trouser suit or a loose costume are also suitable. Accessories such as simple jewelry or an elegant bag are ideal to enhance your look and give it the last, fashionable touch. Closed shoes are common for Smart Casual, but in summer it can also be peep-toes with a light heel. My smart casual look (above) is interpreted somewhat more freely, which was because

Dress code business casual

If the occasion is a little more formal, such as a business lunch, your outfit should neither be very formal nor suitable for leisure. Business casual is a mixture of the sophisticated and sophisticated style for the office and the relaxed, casual appearance after work. A little bit of tact is definitely required here, because your clothes should not be too strict, but still be representative. In summary: Jeans, but also a very strict pants suit should stay in the closet in this case. A single-color or slightly patterned dress, a fine skirt, but also a chic blazer with matching trousers (incl. Band fold) with a single-color blouse / T-shirt and fine jewelry are perfectly suitable. With a dress or skirt, the hem should play around the knee. Subtle colors are also required for a casual trouser suit. With the business casual dress code, you should also wear closed shoes.

Dress code cocktail

The note “Cocktail” on your invitation does not refer to the inviting bar of the location;) You are much more invited to an elegant event in a classy cocktail bar, a casino or another unusual event location. You have different options to pack your own personality in a stylish outfit – it’s about shopping a cocktail dress! Here you are very free to choose the design and color. If the dress is striking ruffles, ruffles, sequins or in a strong shade, you should use subtle accessories.Make-up and hairstyle should also be a bit more reserved in this case. On the other hand, if it is a plain, simple cocktail dress, jewelry and hair may be more striking. A nice eye-catcher bag or shoes is also recommended. Incidentally, the length of the dress should not be much longer than the knee. When it comes to shoes, it can go high and you can grab high heels without hesitation. A suitable basic styling rule: Less is often more.

Dress code summer party

A warm summer evening literally cries out for a nice party, a cinema or theater evening with a summerly festive dress code. Incidentally, this also applies to weddings (as a guest, of course, do not wear a white dress). The challenge is appropriate to the temperatures and, at the same time, to appear elegant. Shorts, beach dresses and mini skirts are definitely a no-go. The outfit shouldn’t be too playful. The focus is on bright, subtle colors – noble pastel shades are absolutely the trend here – and light fabrics such as silk, satin and lace.You can, for example, choose a long, light and flowing evening dress, but also a summer cocktail dress or an elegant one-piece.

If the temperatures drop and it gets fresher in the evening, it’s best to take a cardigan, blazer or loose stole with you to throw on. Closed pumps look a little more elegant with the shoes, but open sandals can also be worn with a long dress. Subtle jewelry and a high-quality bag as a complement complete your summer party look.

Dress code black tie

In order to do everything right with the dress code Black Tie, you should dress up. For a positive impression, it is not necessary to be overdressed or underdressed. Black Tie is very formal and applies to very special occasions – such as a performance on the red carpet. Specifically, this dress code means that you should choose a floor-length evening dress and a small bag.Your male companion will appear in a classy tuxedo with bow tie and patent leather shoes. The dress may be off the shoulder, but shoulders should be covered with a delicate scarf or stole at the beginning of the evening. You will become an absolute eye-catcher in dresses made of flowing fabrics such as satin or silk as well as lace creations that playfully envelop the body.

As with the cocktail dress code, the same applies here: the more discreet the dress, the more striking accessories, hairstyle and make-up can be. The same applies in reverse. In any case, indispensable companions are small evening bags such as a clutch, pochette or Minaudière as well as high shoes. You should definitely wear your hair closed. For example, a deep-seated bun looks particularly elegant.Note: You can also wear a cocktail dress with the “Black Tie Optional” option.


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