This Is How Knots Can Be Loosened In Necklaces

Filigree necklaces in gold or silver are trendy and are now preferred to be worn in layers. But what to do if the thin chains get tangled up and the knot can no longer be untied with your fingers? We knows the best detangling trick with video instructions. Especially with thin necklaces, a nasty knot is a challenge – not only for the fingertips, but above all for patience. However, a trick helps to unravel the tangle faster – without breaking the beloved chain.

Untangle knots in necklaces – Here’s how

It should be said in advance that you should have patience to untie a knot. Be relaxed and work best without time pressure. Only those who work carefully and calmly untangle the knot quickly and avoid jerky tugging, which in the worst case can lead to the chain breaking or even breaking.

Find a flat surface

Even if the temptation is somehow to unravel the chains with your fingers in your hand, it is advisable to place the good piece on a smooth surface. If you hold the chain in your hand while untangling, the weight of the piece of jewelry pulls down again and again, so that the knot only becomes tighter. Therefore, spread it out on the table and carefully loosen the knot.

Make it supple with oil

Similar to removing a hair bun, it helps make the surface of the chain smoother. Neutral edible oil or baby oil is best suited for this. Put a small amount directly on the knot and spread lightly with your fingers. In some cases, the coarsest lump can be loosened by this alone, so that the individual strands can easily be untangled.

Use a needle to help you

The chain lies flat on the table, the knot has been provided with a drop of oil – now it’s time to get down to business. Prick the knot with a pin, sewing needle or alternatively a toothpick and try to loosen it by shaking it gently. If a part comes off, it should be carefully pushed aside with the needle. The aim is to loosen the knot so far that you can see the ends better and can thus pull through the labyrinth of entanglements. If you want, you can also work with two needles.


If the chain is unraveled, it can be cleaned with a little washing-up liquid under running water or in a small bowl. Be sure to gently wipe it dry so that it does not discolor (especially when it comes to costume jewelry).

The same sequence can also be used if two or more chains have become entangled. Here you should decide from the beginning which chain you want to free from the knot first. This not only loosens the ball faster, it also protects the nerves.

How knots don’t even arise

It is of course best for the patience if you don’t have to deal with annoying knots in the first place. For this, thin chains and bracelets must above all be stored correctly. If you take off your jewelry in the evening, you should close chains again so that the ends do not knot together. If you keep your jewelry in a box or a box, chains and bracelets should always be laid straight and parallel to each other.

By the way, a jewelry holder or jewelry tree, on which you can hang your chains, is also practical – so knots have no chance.

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