Three Tips For Stylish Office Looks!

Most of us combine office looks with drab pleated trousers, knee-high blouses and staid costumes. It is no wonder that many shy away from office fashion (if the dress code does not necessarily require it). Sure – fashion for the office should meet some criteria. For example, it should look elegant, not show too much skin and at the same time match your own personality. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. We spoke to fashion expert Juliane Heitmann about stylish business fashion and no-go’s in the office. In addition, the designer of the new TOM TAILOR “mine to five” collection tells us which pieces always work in the office.

Yes to new combinations

Blazers are the epitome of nobility and white blouses are something from 08/15? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Forget the boring blazer-blouse-skirt combinations from times gone by and try new, fashionable combinations. Tip: Find the right balance of nonchalance and seriousness. Means: Choose a business key piece and combine it into modern trend pieces (keyword “break in style”!).

A classic blouse, for example, looks much cooler with print pants in a trendy slouchy cut and with sneakers than with a gray pencil skirt (yes, sneakers are also allowed. Comfortable shoes are definitely suitable for business with a chic blazer or trousers) . Our current favorite business piece: The blue-orange-striped blazer from the new TOM TAILOR collection “mine to five”, which is now available for purchase in TOM TAILOR shops and online shops.

The blazer looks serious, but is anything but boring thanks to its modern cut and cool print. In addition, a blazer is super practical and always fits – regardless of whether it goes with jeans, a skirt or suit pants. And best of all: we simply leave the stylish blazer on for an after work drink.

The “mine to five” collection by TOM TAILOR proves that dreary office fashion is now a thing of the past. The collection consists of many different pieces – from chic blazers to casual jeans to cool jumpsuits.

One day, one style: fashion for the office and after!

The special thing about “mine to five”: the styles are extremely versatile and can all be combined with one another. In addition, the casual looks are so flexible that they also work well beyond everyday office life and bring us stylishly from brunch to after-work parties throughout the day. Because the “mine to five” designs are chic and casual at the same time.

“Our styles are flexible. I take it entirely on my own: I want to feel comfortable in every situation during the day and I don’t have to worry about my look. I want to be just as me at a meeting with my superiors as I am at the after-work drink with my girlfriend or on the way to the daycare. The styles are so comfortable that I have no need to get out of my clothes in the evening and to disappear in the jogger on the couch, ” says Juliane Heitmann.

For example, an elegant midi skirt looks super stylish in the office with a blouse and classic pumps. And after work, just replace the pumps with sneakers and you have a cool look for the evening.

Use colors and patterns

Do you want to give your dusty business look more style? Then try out unusual combinations, eye-catching prints and colorful fashion and don’t be afraid to attract attention.

So how about a dress with a cheerful floral pattern or a midi skirt in mustard yellow instead of classic black, gray or dark blue?

An eye-catcher is always possible

Simple business looks can be spiced up quickly and easily with eye-catching pieces. For example, this could be colored socks that flash out of your shoes. But also striking earrings or a cool waist belt loosen up your rather “buttoned” office outfit immediately.

Just make sure that you don’t mix too many it pieces and extravagant parts – even if we speak of modern office looks, that would be a little too much in the office.

Everyone should own these three must-haves for the office (according to fashion expert):

No. 1: a white oversize blouse – you can style it in so many variations that it is definitely a must for every wardrobe.

No. 2: a modern blazer in new colors or with a pattern. Whether with a shirt, blouse or knitted sweater – a real all-rounder.

No. 3: a casual midi dress. You are attracted to a part and can show your feminine side.

And are there no-go’s in the office?

“You should definitely be careful with skirts that are too short and cut too deep. You should also stay away from looks that make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. If we feel good, we are ourselves and do the best job “, knows the designer of the” mine to five “collection.


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