Wedding Dress After The Wedding: Ideas And Tips

Every bride knows it. The wedding dress was chosen with so much love, so many memories are attached to it, and in many cases a whopping four-figure sums were paid for it. But what to do with the wedding dress after the wedding? Of all clothing items, the wedding dress is probably one of the most impractical dresses, because there is no real use for it – or is it? We have collected the best ten ideas for what you can do with your bridal robe after the wedding. Basically, the question arises whether you want to keep the dress or give it away after the wedding. For both decisions, there are many ways in which the wedding dress can still be used meaningfully.

Selling wedding dress after the wedding

As banal as it sounds, most brides sell their dress after the wedding. Some people imagine it as unromantic or materialistic to exchange valuable memories for money. But for many people it is also a step into a new life, which is why basically nothing speaks against finding a new home for the dress.

Who buys used wedding dresses?

There are several variants here. For example, the dress can be sold to a used clothing store or rental company. As a rule, these stores have standardized prices and pay less than would be possible in direct sales to the next bride. On the other hand, you save a lot of communication, fitting appointments and separation moments. Of course, the wedding dress can also be resold directly after the wedding. There are numerous Facebook groups for this purpose, but also eBay classifieds or platforms such as clothing circles.

How much more money can you get for a wedding dress?

The rule of thumb is that a dress that has been worn once loses at least half of its value. Most brides give away their wedding dresses for 30-40% of the original price.

Wearing wedding dress after the wedding

Probably some are now wondering where you could wear a wedding dress. But there are actually special events that give the brides the opportunity to slip into their white dream again. These events include wedding dress balls as well as wedding balls. You can imagine an event like a normal ball, only the dress code for the ladies is not typical ball gowns, but wedding dresses. The mood at the wedding dress balls is romantic and prudent. The newlyweds can throw themselves into the most beautiful memories again and enjoy an evening full of togetherness, joy, candlelight and romance. The wedding dress balls take place in many major cities in Germany as well as in Vienna, Austria.

Change wedding dress after the wedding

For some brides, the wedding dress awakens to a second life after the wedding. Wedding dresses can be changed, tailored, shortened, adorned and even colored. Many brides turn their wedding dress into a beautiful evening dress or cocktail dress, sometimes even an elegant two-piece. But the dress can not only be changed for yourself: it is an enchanting idea to tailor a christening dress for a beloved child from the wedding dress. This is also a very loving gesture, because hardly any piece of clothing is associated with as much love and feeling as the wedding dress.

Use wedding dress as decoration after the wedding

Anyone who has fallen in love with their wedding dress will not want to part with it anytime soon. Understandable! For this reason, there is also the option of simply keeping the dress and draping it on a dress form, for example. Some former brides are even considering artistic installations with a showcase in which the dress is displayed together with shoes, wedding accessories or the dried bridal bouquet.

Wear the wedding dress to the after wedding shoot after the wedding

There is often no time for a long, carefree shoot on the day of the wedding. Why not postpone it for a later period? Even after the honeymoon there is still time for a great, also extraordinary photo shoot in wedding dress. And which bride does not enjoy treating herself to another hairdressing appointment and repeating all the rituals around the bride’s morning (even if marked out)? A special form of the after wedding shoot is the Trash The Dress shoot. Here the groom’s dress and suit are definitely destroyed for good. From sand and mud to paintball colors: there are no limits to the colorful imagination.

Inspirations for an after wedding shoot:

  • Exceptional location (how about an amusement park?)
  • Animals such as horses or the family dog
  • Special landscapes, for example mountains or snow
  • Funny shootings like a cake fight
  • Nature shoot in the forest

There is nothing wrong with donating the dress to a good cause after the wedding day. There are several options here, for example the wedding dress can be donated to clubs and volunteer seamstresses who sew for star children. Also beautiful pillows and baskets for animal shelter are conjured up from the bridal dresses of the generous donors. Many married couples find it a very nice thought that the wedding dress can serve such a noble and important purpose.

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