With These 8 Tips For Long-haul Flights, Time Flies By

We’ll give you helpful tips for long-haul flights so that you can survive long flights and arrive at your next long-haul destination as relaxed as possible. Find out what you should pay attention to before, during and after your flight, what things should definitely be in your hand luggage, what clothes you should wear and how you can be optimally occupied on a flight of over 10 hours.

Number one tip for a long flight: the right seat

One of the most important tips for long-haul flights is definitely the choice of seat. Getting the seat you want is the top priority on long haul flights. Some passengers really want to sit in the aisle and others can hardly imagine a flight without a seat at the window. Which place is the best depends on your personal taste. When booking a ticket, many airlines incur additional fees when selecting the desired seat. If you want to increase your chances of finding your favorite spot without spending a penny more, you should definitely check-in online in good time. Seat selection is free with most airlines when you check in online at the latest.

The earliest possible time for web check-in depends on each airline. Online check-in is usually possible 24 hours before departure. In order to get your desired seat, you should check in online as soon as possible and get your free seat. At the same time, you save time at the airport because you are already checked in, have your seat and can print out the boarding ticket from home or download it to your smartphone via the app or PDF file. If you are unsatisfied with your seat or if you have discovered a row in which several seats are vacant, it is not too late to change. After hearing the announcement “Boarding complete”, you can change your seat within your booking category and secure a better seat at the last minute.

If you have a little more budget, you can also request an upgrade after purchasing your economy ticket and move up to Premium Economy or Business Class. However, this depends on the conditions of the airline and the availability of seats. Find out which tips can give you a free upgrade for your flight .
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Choose comfortable clothes

Of course, your clothes depend on where you are leaving and the destination. Since it can get quite cold on a plane, you should pack several items of clothing to avoid freezing or catching a cold. It is best to wear several layers of clothing on top of each other so you can vary it individually. The most important items of clothing on the plane include: comfortable trousers, warm socks and sweaters and a scarf because of the cool air from the air conditioning.

Tips for long-haul flights: moisture and plenty of water

Bring a reusable water bottle with you. You have to empty this before going through security, but you can refill it afterwards. Depending on the airport, there are special taps for drinking water, where you can refill your bottle with water for free. If you only have one flight, you can also buy a bottle of water after the security check. However, if you have to take several flights to arrive at your final destination, buying several water bottles after the security check is pointless, as you usually have to go through a security check in the transit area again. Although you are only in the transit area, you will have to dispose of your full water bottles again.

The drinks cups during and after the food served on the plane are relatively small. It is best to ask for two cups of water or, for other drinks, directly for the whole can. Many airlines provide water or juices throughout the flight that you can pick up yourself.

Order special meals and take your own snacks with you

If you are vegan or vegetarian, suffer from allergies or only consume certain foods, you can order your desired special meal in advance for long-haul flights. The easiest way to do this is via the airline’s website. Depending on the airline, you will also find a large selection of different meals there. This means that you can be sure that you will tolerate the food on the plane well and that there is another advantage: passengers who order a special meal in advance will receive their meal before all other passengers on the plane. It can happen that you have already finished eating before the person sitting next to you has their meal.

Depending on the airline, there are also smaller snacks such as nuts, cake, ice cream or other nibbles in addition to the main meal. If you are very picky about food, or if the portions are not enough, you should definitely stow your own snacks in your hand luggage. For long trips, snacks that have a long shelf life and are easy to consume are best, such as nuts, dried fruit, granola bars, crackers or biscuits.


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