Your Jeans Are Staining? You Can Use These Tricks To Prevent It

Jeans are the classics in the wardrobe. The annoying thing about jeans: they can rub off. And that even after repeated washing. Here are helpful tips to avoid staining. Jeans are one of the most popular pieces of clothing. The trousers made of sturdy denim always work and can be combined with anything.

The problem with jeans: they can rub off, especially at the beginning (but also after being washed several times) and leave unsightly discoloration, especially on light-colored clothing, shoes or furniture. This is particularly annoying because the blue cast can often no longer be completely removed from the other parts. Jeans can not only rub off in the washing machine, they also lose color when worn in everyday life. Here are the best tips and tricks to prevent your jeans from “bleeding”.

Jeans rub off: you can do that about it

Basically: Newly bought jeans should first be put in the washing machine before putting them on. This is more hygienic and machine washing removes excess dye from the jeans. Above all, raw denim, i.e. jeans that are not washed before being sold, can initially rub off very heavily. Warning: Wash jeans only together with other jeans or dark textiles.

To avoid staining, you should also avoid combining new jeans with white or light-colored clothing and shoes at the beginning. This also applies to light-colored belts or pockets that rub against jeans when they are worn. You should also avoid light-colored seating surfaces.

With these tricks you can prevent your jeans from staining:

Tip 1: vinegar

Vinegar is a real miracle cure and one of the most popular home remedies . It is not only used in cooking, but also helps with numerous household problems . A vinegar bath is also good for your jeans. Because vinegar fixes the blue color of the pants and prevents rapid fading.

Fill a large bucket two-thirds full with water and one third with vinegar and let your jeans soak in the lye overnight. In the morning, the trousers should be washed in the washing machine as usual so that the vinegar smell disappears completely.

Alternatively, you can also put the vinegar directly into the washing powder compartment of the washing machine .

Tip 2: salt

Similar to vinegar, salt can also prevent your jeans from staining and giving other clothing a blue tinge. Salt closes the fibers so that no color can escape at all.

In the drugstore there are special fixing salts that can be used for this. You simply put these directly into the drum of the washing machine or into the compartment for the washing powder. Then just wash as usual.

Tip 3: color catcher towels

In addition to a vinegar bath and a salt wash, so-called color-catching cloths can also help to prevent the jeans from staining. Color catcher cloths are available in the drugstore and are simply added to the washing machine.

The dirty cloths cannot prevent the blue jeans from losing their color, but they do catch the bleeding color so that other items of clothing are spared in the washing machine.


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