How The History Of Jeans Changed The Fashionable Appearance Forever

It doesn’t matter in the first place, in which house, in which country, or on which continent you are – a piece of clothing can certainly be found in every wardrobe across people. For many, a statement that is daring at first, after all, there are so many different people on our planet, who are all endowed with their own characteristics and tastes. Nevertheless – although you will never be given the opportunity to look into all the wardrobes in the world, a fashionable achievement from the 19th century still allows you to express such a blanket statement with complete confidence.

It is hard to imagine jeans without them since they first enchanted people with their style and flair. In the course of time, she has undergone many design and production changes and steps, but the high popularity among the population has remained the same to this day. We shed light on the individual historical steps of the blockbuster and show how the rise of the fashion classic came about.

The success story begins

In 1870 Jacob Davis tried to make the trousers, which are particularly stressed every day, stronger by an innovation. For example, too many areas of the trouser pocket have fallen victim to the burden of Davis turning away from his plan. After a certain development period, which was also accompanied by any attempts, Davis and his partner Levi Strauss at that time managed to create a first satisfactory model.

The rivet-reinforced trousers, which the Dream team patented shortly before publication, were particularly convincing due to their extreme tear-resistant properties. Because of this, the models gained a good reputation especially among the numerous miners, so that many stocked up with the unusually resistant trousers. The jeans were born and from then on they celebrated an incredible triumphal march worldwide.

Many optical variations

The principle of jeans remained the same, but the fashionable design went through many different phases. Again and again one tried with the jeans to react to the circumstances of the respective time and to set design exclamation marks. The jeans were not just a leg cover, but a statement that one wanted to proudly carry around the world. Regardless of whether it was the wardrobe in the youth room or the wardrobe within the adult world – the jeans were convincing for every age group.

In the 1950s it was still the so-called boot cut jeans That came in unisex style and enchanted the post-war generation in rows, so it was only 20 years later that the bell bottoms that spread the vibe of the wild 70s outside the disco floor. Another 20 years later, on the other hand, the jeans, which at the time were often referred to as “baggy”, increasingly have a very broad and sloppy shape. Since the 2000s, the jeans have been worn in a classic and form-fitting way. The many different designs and styles show in an impressive manner that the jeans always manage to reinvent themselves and the interest in the elegant trousers remains undiminished. Regardless of whether it is an elegant occasion or a more leisurely leisure activity – you get fashion styling sooner or later not past the timeless garment.

Buying jeans made easy

When you arrive in 2019, you have to say very clearly that it is very easy and easy to cover jeans. This basic situation is certainly also due to the insatiable interest on the buyer side. Not only that due to the abundant selection while shopping, you are able to target every conceivable fashion taste, the prices are right.

Even high-quality models can now be obtained for a comparatively low price. Outlet stores are trendy because, for example, you won’t find an affordable Calvin Klein sale anywhere else offered or can benefit from other greatly reduced high fashion labels. Instead of digging deeply into your own wallet for the coveted fashion of the noble and world-famous manufacturers, this approach allows you to save money and maybe put another chic piece in the shopping cart. Possibilities like this clearly demonstrate that the cover of jeans has become more comfortable and individual over the years of their long career. The many fans are grateful and certainly do not want to miss the 1870 achievement for a second.


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