It’s Wedding Time! A Guide To Choosing Wedding Attire

It will soon be time again and the first couple of the year will say yes. On this day, which the bride and groom will remember as one of the most beautiful days of their lives, everything should be perfect. The decision about the outfit is all the more difficult – not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests and bridesmaids. Spoiled for choice – choose the right outfit as a wedding

guest After the wedding invitation arrives, a quick question arises for the invited guests: What should I wear? The choice of suitable clothes for a wedding is enormous. To make the decision a little easier, there are a few guidelines that guests can use as a guide. For women, one rule applies first: don’t steal the bride’s show. That means – if the bride’s dress is white (or nearly white), the color white is taboo for guests when choosing the outfit. Black is also rather unusual in most cases.

Choosing clothes according to the wedding

motto It may be a little easier if there is a specific motto for the wedding. Is it oneBoho or vintage wedding? Or maybe a traditional rural wedding ? The invitation usually gives a first indication of a specific topic or at least a color scheme. If you want to be completely sure, it is best to ask the bride and groom about certain wishes. So nothing can go wrong with the choice of clothing.

Bridesmaids’ dresses

Since Pinterest and Co., it has become more and more important for bridal couples that everything, from the location to the decoration to the guests, creates a coherent and, above all, photogenic overall picture. Often a certain motto is given for the wedding, sometimes even the exact color of the clothes. In terms of styling, the wedding guests usually have a little more scope than the bridesmaids. With these, it looks particularly nice when all the clothes go well together – be it in color or cut or in both. As Bridesmaid Dresses are particularly suitable as wrap dresses , that wrap in many different ways and can be varied and still give clear: We belong to the team bride.


else needs to be considered when choosing clothing There is still one important point that is not insignificant when choosing clothing for the wedding. Such a wedding day often takes a long time. People dance, move, sit and presumably eat a lot. It is therefore particularly important that everyone feels comfortable in their outfits, that nothing is jammed, nothing cuts in or slips.In the mostly heavier suits or tuxedos of men, it is particularly pleasant in summer when individual layers can be taken off without problems if necessary or when a shirt is available for changing in an emergency. Also when choosing the shoes – be it for the female or for the male guests, care must be taken that they do not start to hurt after a few hours.

Choosing the right clothes for wedding guests and bridesmaids

The selection of clothes for wedding guests and bridesmaids on the market is huge. Those who have the honor of being a guest on a couple’s big day are then spoiled for choice. Aside from a few basic rules, such as not stealing the bride’s show, other things can be considered to limit the choice. For example, the design of the invitation often gives an indication of the style or color scheme of the wedding. Also themed weddings , where usually a certain dress style is desired, are becoming more common. If you want to be completely sure, it is best to ask the bride and groom for special requests. When choosing the dresses for the bridesmaids, they often look for something suitable together with the bride.


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