Top 8 Summer Trends

Ballerinas :  Who of you would have thought that the ballerinas would come back again? So not me and to be honest I didn’t even feel like it until recently. But as is always the case with trends, the more often you encounter them in everyday life, the more you deal with them. And that’s why I’m now from my original “Ballerinas? No thanks ”- status towards“ ballerinas? Hm, okay, let’s try again ”. The new highlight of this old trend? The straps on the shoes, which are very reminiscent of ballerina and black swan. How practical that I actually once danced ballet and thus leave a bit of childhood memories of my feet. How it feels, looks and whether the trend can finally move back into my shoe cabinet? I will report soon.

Off shoulder

Even if this trend is not really new, since it was there last year, it is still present in 2016. And it doesn’t matter whether as a blouse, top or dress – the main thing is that the shoulders are free, My favorite model in the closet comes from Tibi and is still one of my favorites this summer. And because of course there are currently many beautiful models on the Internet, I picked them out for you

Maxi dresses

A good two years ago, I didn’t wear a single dress in summer, I only used shorts and skirts. Thank God this looks completely different this year, because there are so many beautiful clothes that should definitely be carried out. My favorites are currently maxi dresses made of airy, thin material. E.g. These ones:

Metal glasses

If I have an idea in my head, then it has to happen and best asap. I got that from my mom somehow. My latest plan is a new pair of prescription glasses with a gold metal frame. I recently bought a pair of fake glasses from Zara and am now a fan. Since my current prescription glasses are already three years old, I have made it clear to myself that I definitely need new ones – one with a gold metal frame.

I ran from optician to optician here in Munich and found no suitable model anywhere. The statement: No, something like that doesn’t happen often yet, that is yet to come. Great, as is so often the case, the things I want to have have not yet reached the masses and have therefore reached sales. But, I wouldn’t be your research fox if I hadn’t found some cool models on the Word Wide Web. Et voila

Pom Pomp’s

The sweetest details of summer 2016? Bobble! I’m a huge fan of the sweet eye-catchers and that’s why it doesn’t really matter whether they hang on clothes, hats, bags or shoes. If you like it conspicuous, shop models with colored pompons, for the subtle version simply grab one-colored ones


Hach yes, my very personal favorite shoe for summer. The flat, open back shoes are not only super comfortable, but thanks to cool designs they are also really stylish. My favorite are my Gucci mules, but there are also nice versions with heels at Asos and Topshop. Which? For example:

Belt Bags

Crossbody bags, shoulder bags, totes and clutch bags? Everything old school;) As some of you know, I’ve been a fan of belt bags since the beginning of the year. It is still a little difficult to find models on the Internet. But I did a little shopping and here are some shopping opportunities for you


The pants of all pants are clearly the culotte this summer! For me personally, tight shorts are always a bit too short, so bermudas or the medium length of a culotte are ideal. I have added a few of the most beautiful models to you below. Happy shopping


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