10 Easy Hairstyles to Do At Home

10 Easy Hairstyles to Do At Home – Many women know that hair play a bigger role in outlining one’s facial appearance, that’s why it’s hard to come across a baldheaded woman because everybody wants to look beautiful. The moments it looks so gorgeous, you will try to show off to everybody around you, but the days it looks nasty is when you will wear something on your head to hide your horrible hair. So in this article we have listed you some of the easiest hairstyles to do while at home, for different occasions.

1. Two-minute curls : To start, gather your hair to make a high pony then split up the tail into two halves. Roll one part of the separated pony using a twisting wand for roughly half to one minute. Do the same to the other half. Move the ponytail down your head and split it up using your fingers to make your hair fall in smooth spirals. Triple Topsy Tail : Split up your hair to three sections, one on top and the rest on the sides. Use them to make three ponytails then place one ponytail on top of the rest. Spin the tail of the three ponytails and insert it in-between your hair to give you exceptional topsy tails. To complete this hairstyle, push the two pony ends through the braids below them.

3. Undone Bun

Wash your hair then tie it into a braid.
After tying it, twist it to make a loose bun.
Lastly, add a pin to the right side of your hair and allow it fall in unruly bangs and lashes to outline your face.

4. Flower style

Gather some hair from the left and right of your head and keep them close to your temples, then bind it to make a small pony positioning it in a wobbly ponytail down your head.
Twist the ponytail around to make a bun, then pin it firmly next to your head.

5. Bun Secure

Draw you hair into two sections and make two ponytails using the two sections.
Curl them in opposite ends to make a bun.
Insert some pins to secure the bun.

6. Beach Waves

This hair style is suitable for damp hair.
Separate your hair into sections, it can be large or small sections depending on the style you want.
Interweave these sections then blow-dry every part of your hair.
After all part of your hair has been blow-dried, use your fingers to separate your hair into soft and tender waves.

7. Voluminous Ponytail

Gather your hair to make a ponytail and fasten it with a clean hair tie.
Separate the tail into two parts and insert a clip to the bottom of the pony and ensure you hide the clips from view.

8. Halo Headband

Gather some hair from either side on your head, curl and pin it in the mid-section of your head.
Take some hair from the next side and curl and pin it as did in the first step but in this section, your hair should be positioned behind the first curled section.

9. Pure-Braid Pony

Take some part of your hair then plait it starting from the hairline down towards the end.
Draw together the remaining hair on your head together with the braid then move it to one side.
Use a hair-tie to secure your hair.

10. The Grand Side Sweep

Move your hair to one side and detach some hair close to your neck to make a low ponytail.
Use the remaining hair to cover up the ponytail.

Final Verdict

With these easy to make hairstyles, you can plan and maneuver your hair to look like pretty weaves, styled curls and sophisticated braids which will apparently outline the appearance of your face. Following the steps is easy and achieving these hairstyles takes a little effort. And you need is some interest to do these simple hairstyles at home.
10 Easy Hairstyles to Do At Home