10 Rules So That The Over knee Look Doesn’t Look Cheap

Over knees are now among the classic boots for women’s boots. But how do you wear the boots without making them look trashy? We reveals the do’s and don’ts of the over knees look! Over knee boots are eye-catching – but not always easy to combine. With the wrong outfit, they can quickly become out of place or even vulgar instead of elegant. We have a few tips and rules to keep you from the fashion faux pas.

Dose the sexiness!Means: If you choose shorts, skirt or dress in mini length, please wear a cardigan, blouse or pullover. With knee-length skirts, slightly deeper cleavages are allowed – but not in the office! Go for clean chic!Avoid playful details like ruffles and ruffles. The overknee boots come into their own best when you wear clothes with clear cuts and minimalistic designs. For example, a print blouse with a plain-colored skirt – or vice versa – is okay. Plain-colored looks in off-white, gray or black always look classy.

Combine over the knee boots with jeans!The safest way to defuse the “light ladies” look à la “Pretty Woman” is skin-tight skinny jeans. EVERY other pants model please stay in the closet as soon as you pick up over knees. Choose dark color for jeans. Attention: no washing or huge holes!

Pay attention to the height!The higher the shaft, the sexier the look. Over knees are suitable for everyday use, where the shaft ends a maximum of a hand’s width above the knee. Heels are also important: high heels are acceptable in everyday life, as long as they are not narrow heels.

Don’t show too much skin!

The combination of over knees and mini skirt can quickly look cheap. Make sure that the skirt is not too short. It is best to wear black, opaque tights or make sure that there is only a maximum of four centimeters of skin between the skirt and boots.

Avoid the sausage look!

Let’s be honest: if you want to cut a really good figure in over knee boots, you should either be tall or have foal legs. Our tip: Smaller women should definitely choose over-the-knee boots with heels, that stretches optically. By the way, the leather of boots that are too tight, for example on the calves, can be widened with shaft tensioners. This is how the calves don’t look too bruised.

Do not put jeans and pants in the over knees

The only exceptions: black jeggings, leggings or skin-tight skinny jeans. Any other model should stay in the closet as soon as you pick up over knees. Just no white over knees!Unfortunately, white looks anything but noble. Also over knees in neon or pastel colors. These boots only work in non-colors like gray or black or in noble shades of brown, spice and mud. Everything else is too noticeable.

Stay away from patent leather over knees!As with the colors, the same applies to the material: Avoid anything that catches the eye immediately and at worst looks chunky – and that’s definitely the case with patent leather. During the day and in the office you should pay attention to high-quality materials, the most beautiful look is velor over knees.


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