Outfits Can Also Be Worn On Other Occasions

What should Christmas outfits and a wedding dress not have in common? The number of times the outfit is worn! While it is a very good sign if the wedding dress is only worn once before the wedding age, it is a shame for the Christmas outfit if it is only allowed to come out of the closet once. We are now showing which Christmas outfits can also be worn on other occasions.

The red temptation

Anyone who has opted for the red cuddly look at Christmas has chosen an outfit that can also be taken out of the closet for other occasions. Last but not least, the color red is also the color of love, which also goes well with Valentine’s Day. As this is known to be on February 14th, with a little luck, it could even be a little colder – which justifies gloves and hats. Anyone who has worn the red evening dress for Christmas can, of course, also wear it for an anniversary, wedding day and any other hearty memory day.

The glitter variant

Anyone who opted for a chic look with glitter and glamor for Christmas did not skimp on the choice of outfits with sequins, had glittering stones on the top, blouse and probably also on the wrist. And it is precisely this combination of glamor and glitter – which can be implemented with these tips to perfection – is of course a great party outfit all year round.

What occasions are perfect for a glitter glamor outfit?

+ Of course, it can sparkle on New Year’s Eve . But be careful: if you spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with the same people, you shouldn’t necessarily wear the same outfit. Otherwise it looks like there is only one outfit suitable for a party.

+ For the gala, the theater or a reception, it must of course also be an evening outfit that attracts the attention of other guests. Glitter and glamor are allowed here, but the basic rule also applies: the more solid the occasion, the less skin is shown. Anyone who likes something a little more dressed is well advised to wear a chic jumpsuit. But also here applies: The glamor factor must be incorporated directly or (if it is a very calm jumpuit model) supplemented with accessories.

+ Round birthdays or parties in hip clubs can of course also be the perfect opportunity to once again carry out the glamorous glamor outfit for Christmas Day. Tip: This depends on the location. Glitter and glamor is allowed when nowhere on the invitation cardcasual stand, otherwise the sequin dress would definitely be overdressed.

The casual look

Those who celebrate Christmas in a relaxed, relaxed and casual way with their loved ones will have the least problems with putting on their outfit again. What is permitted is what is adapted to the season and is cozy. So in Germany it might be the cozy cardigan. On the continents where summer is in December, it can of course also be the summer outfit. And as I said: the casual look is the one that can be used again and again.

From the Christmas party to the theme party

If you consciously turn away from the family Christmas party and would rather celebrate a genuine Christmas party, you may opt for a theme party. This article reveals what ideas there could be for this .

What does the motto mean for the outfit?

+ To a The fashion of the 20’s 20’s – Party must, of course, the outfit of yesteryear ago: feathers, fringes and lace dominated this time. A hat should now also be part of the outfit.

+ If you really appreciate it extravagant, you could perhaps warm up to the theme of the masquerade ball, in which masks are put on in addition to evening wear.

+ Anyone planning a party as a tribute to the big names in the film industry demands a lot of film knowledge from their guests. The men-in-black paneling (with a black suit and black sunglasses) is an option. But Marilyn Monroe also likes to be portrayed on such occasions.

+ Of course, it is also allowed to rummage through the history and celebrate a medieval party or even a festival in the sign of the ancient Greeks. If you want to implement this idea as a guest, you should find out exactly what the typical clothing style was at that time. In addition, it is of course also important to note which outfit is feasible, because the individual components are available in specialty shops. Tip: The more unusual the topic, the more likely that a round of browsing through the costume rental will help.

Celebrating theme parties at Christmas is especially dear to those who consciously or unconsciously spend the festive season separately from their family. Christmas is thus detached from customs such as the Christmas tree and only as an occasion to celebrate. Of course, this party outfit is regularly an option for every other themed party.

If you want to combine the motto with the festive occasion, you could also give a Santa Claus party: the men come as Santa Clauses, the women as Christ children or elves. Then, however, the outfit must certainly wait a year before it can be pulled out of the closet.


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