Color Is A Trend – The Most Beautiful Winter Sweaters For Women

As soon as winter is approaching, new sweaters are needed. This year there are not only countless different cuts in the collections, but also many trendy colors that make this winter appear colorful and happy. But which sweaters are hip this year and which colors can be combined without fear of fashionable mistakes?

Which sweaters are trendy?

Clearly: As soon as the cold season approaches, knitted sweaters are actually always an issue. This year too. In particular sweater with rib knit patterns are right on trend . Above all, bright colors such as beige emphasize the pattern. On the other hand, very dark colors should be avoided, because this winter is generally from a fashionable point of view under a colorful star. This can also be seen in the classic turtleneck sweaters, which are trendy again this year and never seem to go out of style.

Women play it safe with strong colors such as red or blue. If you are looking for knitted sweaters for the upcoming winter, you will find beautiful sweaters by Esprit , for example. The brand is focusing on folklore motifs in its new sweater collection. The fashion chain does not do without coarse and fine knit classics and offers them in bright colors.

Somewhat surprisingly, off-shoulder sweaters have cheated under the autumn and winter trends. Because of the shoulder-free cut, they are not always suitable for winter. For work in the office or a cozy evening at home this winter they are a visual highlight that should not be missing in any wardrobe. Off-shoulder sweaters are particularly intense when worn in light, subtle or strong dark colors.
Rib knit sweaters, which can be seen everywhere this winter, are somewhat more elegant than the cozy knitted sweaters. They fit almost every occasion and impress with their narrow and elegant cut. Fall colors such as brown, olive green or dark red are particularly popular. However, pastel colors can also be chosen according to the occasion. In order to be able to shine with their outfits, women can also use knitted sweaters with special knitted motifs this year. They have a decisive advantage over conventional knitted pullovers. With their individual motifs, they give every outfit a special touch.

These colors are popular in winter

If you are looking for certain trend colors this winter, you will quickly find that they actually don’t exist. Rather, combinations of cut and colors are trendy, which means that every woman can wear exactly what she wants this winter. This also applies to oversized knitted pullovers. With them women stand out in any case. This is due on the one hand to their generous cut and on the other hand to the bright colors that are the trend this year. Oversized knit sweaters should be as bright as possible this winter. Strong colors like yellow, red or blue are very popular.

Wash and care for wool and knitting properly

In order to benefit from the new knitted sweaters for as long as possible, you should also know exactly how wool and co are best cared for. Some yarn prefers a cold wash, cashmere rather a hand wash and regular ventilation and other materials and blended fabrics are again very easy to maintain and wash. That is why it is important for every knitted sweater to note the meaning of the washing and care symbols on the labels and to have a special wool detergent at hand.


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