Comeback Of The Belt Bags

From the former fashion no-go to absolute fashion darling: Hardly any accessory has had such a steep career as the good old fanny pack , which is currently the favorite of all bloggers, street style stars and fashion professionals. In the course of the 90s revival, the big fashion designers discovered the once frowned upon tourist accessory for themselves and put it on the catwalks. At Gucci, belly bags were omnipresent – not only as a bag, but also as a belt over coats or blouses, they were worn on the runway. Rocha’s combined fanny packs to create romantic flounce dresses, and there were also bum bags at Marc Jacobs, Sportmax, Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton.

And the reasons for the comeback are obvious: belly or belt bags are not only versatile, they are also incredibly practical. Mobile phones, small change and lipstick are always at hand, but your hands remain free – which makes hip bags the ideal companion in everyday life, at parties or festivals .

How do you carry fanny packs?

Loosely strapped around your waist, as a crossbody bag or simply thrown over your shoulder: the best way to carry fanny packs is up to the wearer. Currently the most popular variant: worn high up at the waist – optionally over casual knitted sweaters, dresses or even coats and jackets . There are no limits to fashionable creativity. From elegant to sporty, the big fashion houses have the right fanny pack for every look – from mini to XXL size, from velvet to leather to nylon or plastic – everyone should find their perfect match here.

Casual as a crossbody bag for a shopping trip

If you wear a fanny pack across your shoulder as a crossbody bag, the look becomes particularly casual, perfect for a shopping trip or traveling. Also works great over dresses , knitted sweaters or coats .

In a business look with a blazer

The fanny pack can also do business: in the simple leather design, a hip bag makes an excellent blazer – and also emphasizes the waist.

Fanny pack as a statement accessory

Okay, there’s no place for the cell phone here – the mini version of the Chanel bag as a fanny pack is more a statement than a bag – but lipstick and small change can even be stowed here. And the eye-catcher potential is absolutely unbeatable!

Elegant with dresses or blazers

In combination with dresses or blazers, the look becomes elegant with a fanny pack. Here it is convenient to carry the bag high in the waist – flatters the waist and makes the look harmonious! Also popular: belly bags with a layering look, not just worn over coats or jackets, but also underneath. When worn open, the hip bag simply peeks out.

As a waist flatterer over coats

Fanny packs are perfect as a belt replacement and emphasize the waist when worn over winter coats or coarse knits. Also in combination with another handbag – you can never carry enough bags ! Belly bags can not only emphasize the waist, you can also set color accents for the outfit – like Caro Daur, who wears a red hip bag with a blazer-skirt combination.

Convert shoulder bags into hip bags

The trend towards fanny packs now goes so far that fashion fans even convert their shoulder bags into fanny packs. That means: the shoulder straps are simply wrapped around the waist, knotted and the self-made fanny pack is ready. Hip bags can be combined in many ways, are perfect for adding color accents, and as a statement piece you can even break elegant outfits with them. Hip bags give every outfit the necessary breeze coolness.


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