How To Style Handbags With Outfits

A handbag or a purse is a very essential part of our daily outfits. A handbag can be used to just give a quick makeover to your outfit and carry your essential needs as well. A handbag should cater to your needs and fit in most of your essential needs as possible. There are different options to choose from and each handbag has its own type of outfits that you can pair it with. A handbag is a necessity and a good quality one will last you long even if you use it over and over again.

The most expensive handbag on the planet is the Mouaward 1001 Nights Diamond Purse which is made up of different kinds of diamonds and 18 carat pure gold. It is important to know that each type of pure goes with different look all together. Different occasions require different style of handbags. Pick a style that you probably wear too often or everyday and try to purchase an expensive one in that style. All the metal or the leather and buckles really matter and that’s what exactly differentiates a cheap bag from a luxury bag. Hence when buying a bag concentrate on every single microscopic detail.

1. Tote Bag

A tote is one of the most popular handbag styles that everyone should own. Its style can be described as the bag which is going to have a lot of room to dump all your things in. The luxury brand Hermes has created a birkin bag which is their own version of a tote bag and it literally costs a bomb to afford them.

2. Hobo bags

If you want a bag to go with all your boho chic outfits then this is the bag you should be looking for. This is what you can call a lazy and effortless bag. It has a long strap so that you can wear it over your shoulders. You can go for all cloth option if you really want a boho element in your outfit. This is a fun bag that you can carry occasionally.

3. Clutches and evening bags

If you are looking for something compact to just throw on some money and a lipstick for the night then you could always go for a clutch. If you are going with an elaborate dress it is better to keep your handbag a little contact because you do not want to draw attention to your bag. Make sure the straps of your bag are good quality and all the metal fame is intact without any discoloration. This is a onetime investment and you will surely wear it for any special occasions in the mere future.

4. Cross body bags

If you are looking for an easy looking option then a cross body bag is something you should go for. This bag is perfect for travelling and trekking. This will hold almost everything you need. You can get a small sized or a big one depending on the style you want.

5. Shoulder bags

These are the bags that you see most of the Indian woman prefer to buy. These are perfect because they have lot of compartments and you can literally put everything inside your bag. You get a lot of size options you can get.

6. Unstructured bags

If you are looking for an easy style then this is one of the styles that you can pick. Usually these bags are made of leather and look absolutely cool. These will look good on a Sunday brunch or a lunch date for sure.


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