How You Wear Megatrend Cargo Pants & Double Blazer

Styling tips for cargo pants  : When I saw cargo pants for the first time, I was definitely still at school. They were the pants of the skaters – and that’s where their origins lie in fashion history. Finally, for practical reasons, the cargo pants were also worn as workwear and thus lost any aesthetics or attractiveness for the fashion industry.  But as it is, ugly becomes beautiful at some point. This is also the case with cargo pants, which have now made it from the skater culture on runways to music videos and then into the shops. What do you think of the fashion trend ? I was initially skeptical, but now I have to say: with the right styling, cargo pants can look really cool.

You can recognize the androgynous pants by the side pockets, a carrot cut and military colors like khaki, beige, black and blue. New models are becoming more feminine and are now also narrower, with belts, made of leather or in shades such as pink and pink. Nevertheless, the question remains: How do the pants look stylish and not like construction workers?

Style cargo pants in everyday life

Fit is important for cargo trousers: the trousers are known to be applied more easily through the side pockets and we want to avoid that. The solution lies in the length and the cut. When the pants are cut 7/8, they show the ankles and stretch the figure. A high waist cut also extends the legs. The simpler and narrower the pockets are sewn on, the more beautiful the figure looks.

To wear cargo pants in everyday life, you can prepare for two looks in advance: one is cool and casual, the other integrates the pants into a business-friendly outfit. For the former, you rely entirely on workwear – with a shorter cut sweatshirt or knitted sweater, for example. This can be boxy or put in the waistband at the front. Combine this with (chunky) sneakers.

The second look, which fits the fashion trend, is based on a change in style. So elegant accessories and tops that give the wide and “boyish” trousers more femininity and elegance. For example, a soft, flowing blouse in the same or similar color matches the cargo pants. To stretch the figure, slim high heels with a thin heel or tight-fitting ankle / sock boots fit. The filigree shoes flash out from under the wider trousers. If the pants cover too much shoe, just roll up.

Double blazer – this is how the fashion trend works

Especially in winter or in the transition period, Double Blazer is THE perfect way to save yourself a transition jacket. In addition, the combination looks extremely casual and stylish. You can also “change” your outfit throughout the day without actually putting on new clothes. If it should be more classic in the office, put on a business blazer. For the relaxed after-work dinner, this then goes underneath and the checked blazer comes to the fore. To combine the look like on street styles, there are a few small styling rules. I’ll show you this now 🙂

Double Blazer: patterns and colors

Black, white, cream, bordeaux, checkered, striped, floral: blazers come in countless colors, materials and patterns. It is the combination that counts so that the Styling Trend 2020 also has an effect. Depending on the occasion for which the look should work, different styling tips apply.

Generally, natural tones harmonize with each other – from head to toe. It gets more extravagant if the blazers are chosen in opposite colors. Blue and beige, orange and lilac, cream and black or wine red and pink are beautiful. The double blazers look optically round when the color runs from dark to light. So choose the outer blazer in a darker tone and then lighten the inside, including the top.

As for the patterns: So that the double blazer styling does not become too restless, I would only use one pattern at a time. Checks, flowers, etc. go best with a simple blazer. What you show here can vary. The look with the pattern on the outside becomes more striking, but the pattern can also flash out from underneath as a refined accent.

The right sizes and cuts for the double blazer styling

If you pull two blazers on top of each other, you have to pay attention to the sizes. Because it is important that nothing is squeezed and that shoulder pads do not overlap significantly and that an unnatural silhouette is created. Of course, the larger blazer looks better than the narrower one. Therefore, I would definitely choose a blazer that is oversized, has little waist and leaves space for it underneath.

The double blazers also look more like “jackets over blazers”. For example, jackets that look like a blazer with a button placket and lapels are also suitable, just cut further. By the way, I would always style the chic blazer underneath and throw the more casual oversize version over it. So you can “dissolve” the styling in the office and only use a blazer for the working day.


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