Jeans Tricks For A Good Figure

For a nice, well-shaped bottom and long, slim legs, you don’t necessarily have to struggle with squats and diets. With the right choice of jeans, you can conjure up small problem areas in no time at all. We’ll show you how it works and which cuts flatter your downside and your legs.

Too small and flat bottom

Would you like more curves for your rather nondescript bottom? No problem! With a few, small details on a pair of jeans you can conjure up a wow butt with well-formed curves. The currently popular high-waist models with the largest possible back pockets are perfect for you. Ideally, the pockets are far apart and placed at an angle. Due to the large distance to the central seam, your buttocks are visually pulled wider. Additional volume is provided by eye-catching decorations (eg embroidery), flap pockets with buttons, colored seams and bright used effects at bottom level.

It is best to avoid tight jeans with a high percentage of stretch, because these models compress the bottom and make it appear even flatter. But don’t choose too wide jeans either. Your beautiful little bottom looks completely lost in it.

Too big and wide bottom

You are proud of your curves, but still want a slightly smaller, firm bottom? With the right jeans choice, your dream will become reality in no time. First styling rule: never choose pants without butt pockets, because this simple cut makes your downside appear even larger and larger. Jeans with large pockets and eye-catching embellishments are also suboptimal because they are easy to wear. The far better choice are pants with small pockets that are as close together as possible. If the jeans also have a dark wash and a high percentage of stretch, they are perfect for you. The darker color makes your butt look smaller and the stretch material gives your butt a nice shape. There are even special push-up jeans.

If you find your hips too wide, you should avoid diagonally placed pockets and eye-catching seams, as these visually make your downside even wider. Our extra tip for a cracking bottom: wear high heels from time to time! The heel stretches your body and lengthens your legs. The inclined position of your feet also lifts your bottom, which automatically makes it look tighter and crisper.

Legs too short

Very few women are blessed with sexy supermodel legs. Fortunately, there are cool fashion tricks with which the legs can easily be cheated longer and thus also slimmer. Our tip: Emphasize the core of your body, as this automatically makes your legs look longer. So get yourself jeans with a high, narrow waist. You will currently find a huge selection, because high-seated models are very popular in 2019. Bell-bottoms, which make our legs seem endlessly long – especially when paired with high heels – are particularly popular.

Thighs too strong

You can also make strong thighs look slimmer with the perfect jeans. Straight-cut trousers such as boyfriend jeans or the slightly flared bootcut jeans are the ideal choice for thicker thighs. Because the slightly flared leg makes the proportions look more harmonious and the difference between lower and upper thighs is less. You can not only trick with the cut but also with the color. Dark denim washes will conjure up a few pockets in no time. On the other hand, you should keep your fingers off tight-fitting pants such as skinny jeans or leggings. Jeans with used effects and decorations at the height of the thighs are also not ideal.

Too strong calves and short legs

Jeans that are rolled up look very casual and trendy. But did you know that with so-called “cuffing” or “pinrolling” you can also cheat yourself taller and slimmer? Smaller Hollywood stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Bilson, Zac Efron, Tom Cruise and Reese Witherspoon regularly expose their ankles. The highlight: By rolling up the jeans, attention is drawn to the legs and automatically makes them appear longer and narrower. Women and men with strong calves should therefore roll up their trousers more often.


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